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Lord of the Rings Medley: Rings of Power – Asher Laub



If you pay homage to something as epic and awesome as Lord of The Rings and do so through a medley of musical pieces, they will have to be pretty epic and awesome in their own right. Thankfully, Asher Laub’s tribute to the latest sonic garden of Middle Earthly delights, Rings of Power, is just that.

Taken from his recent album, Neon Dreams, this closing track and single takes the form of a three-song suite of symphonic music scored and arranged for a 26-piece orchestra led by Asher’s solo violin.

And the results are everything you want them to be. Stirring, sweeping, and dynamic, waves of strings washing over tumbling percussion, gentle xylophonic runs ebbing out as waves of cellos are ushered in, lush lulls balancing out crescendoing peaks.

To cover so much ground across such a short but impactful piece is a skill not many artists can claim to have.

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