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Meet 21-Year-Old Artist Luke Baker; A Rising Pop Sensation



Luke Baker

Pursuing your passion can take you to great heights, and this is evident from the massive success of this young 21-year-old music sensation – Luke Baker. At such a young age, Luke has managed to amass all the name, fame, and everything else that many spend an entire lifetime earning. His popularity is breaking all records, and within no time, he has gone from 0 to 50,000 followers on Instagram.

So, who is Luke Baker? And what makes him the superstar he is today? In this piece, we will find out some known and not so well known aspects of this young artist.


Luke Baker – the all-in-one Artist

Luke first discovered his passion for music at the age of 10 years, and that’s when he decided to start playing the guitar. Luke was determined to learn it, and within a year, he had formed his band with a few of his schoolmates. This young band of boys was a favourite and was a sought after group for many local and school events. 

His real journey, however, started at the age of 12 when he went a step ahead from the conventional music enthusiasts of his age and started making his songs and composing his music. This point in his life is where he got interested in dance and electronic music, and there was no looking back ever since. He taught himself the music production skills by following and watching YouTube videos, and he has been writing, producing, and recording all his songs all by himself. All his achievements are a telltale testimony of his fantastic talent as a music producer and artist.


Luke’s Noteworthy Achievements

Even since Luke started learning to make his songs and music at the age of 12, he spent the next seven years creating his version of the music that blends pop and electronic music. His first successful Ep titled “Weightless” was released in the year 2017 and was a big success. His latest work is his self-written music that goes by the name of “Hit My Line” that has been streamed for more than 400k times by users across the world. 

He has been working in creating quite a lot of remixes of popular numbers as well that is being reposted in all the major memes and talent promoting pages in social media. His popularity can be gauged by the fact that all his videos go viral almost instantly, and within less than a month, his videos had over 3 million views. 


Luke’s Massive Fan Following

One thing that is quite noteworthy about this young artist is his humongous fan following. It is baffling to see his vast popularity. Luke’s passion for music can be seen in the music he creates that can win hearts and is liked by audiences of all age groups across the world. His music creates that impact and impression on music lovers, and that is why probably he is revered and loved by all his fans.

Amassing more than 50k followers and having more than 1 million streams in just a year is a testimony of his growing popularity and his huge fan following. And for all the excellent work he continues to do, his fan following is continuously on the rise with every passing day.


Luke Baker – The Superstar to Watch Out For

At 21, Luke Baker has outgrown many youngsters of his age who are still in college learning to deal with life. If you truly follow your instincts and continue to do what you are passionate about and what makes you happy, you will find success. And Luke Baker proves that speculative theory a reality. His passion for music has bought him a long way from performing in school events to creating his original music. And with time, he is just getting better.

Luke Baker is that one lucky superstar who followed his passion and continues to live his dream every single day. He is an inspiration to many who leave their emotions and dreams behind in search of greener pastures and lucrative careers and eventually get caught up in the monotony of cruel life. He continues to follow his passion with all his might, continues to do good work, and continues to live his dreams. Luke Baker is undoubtedly that one artist you should be watching out for in the days to come!!


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