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Meet Solly the Iranian Rapper




Solly was the first Persian rapper artist in the south of Iran in 2003, he band name was called “061”, with my friend Ronil we released a song called “ Ghalbam Bigharareh” and its music video was officially released in 2006 and broadcasted by Iran music TV channel.

The second music video was called “ Bahar Zendegi”, broadcasted by Iran music TV channel. Then He released my third song with Sina, called “ Dorough” and it was broadcasted by Iran music TV channel as well.

How Solly Alibak Began in Music

Afterward, He joined “ Mostatil band” in which there were four singers, Solly, MB, Salar Saket, and Soheil Steel, the song name was called “ Maa Aslishim” which was the first “One Continues to take a video” that means there was no “cut” in that video, This music video received the PMC TV channel label and was broadcasted by this channel in 2014. His next music video was called “ Begoo Chera” that ranked the most costly video because there were cars worth ( two hundred billion rials ) in that video and it received Mystery 4 label.

He next music video with the “ Mostatil band” was called “ Yaghoot” in which we received a gold king record.
In 2018 I released an exclusive music video myself called “ Paa bekoob” which received Radio Javan label and was broadcasted by Radio Javan TV channel.

In 2019, my other exclusive music video called “ Peace” with the purpose of spreading “ World peace and Death to war” was released, labeled and broadcasted by Radio Javan TV channel. Two of my other audio songs called “ Rahgozar and Oghyanoos Khak “ also received Radio Javan label and they are available on Radio Javan website as well.

Performing Live or Recording in a Studio – How Does Sohail Alibak  Feel His Talents Are Better Represented

He is performing live without a doubt. Sohail relishes the opportunity to show that his voice is natural – that there is no additional equipment or editing used on his recordings. At a live performance, feedback is immediate, and Sohail finds the response to his vibrato thrilling. He knows how to engage his audience and ensures every performance is fun for his fans. Sohail describes watching the audience experience his live shows as ‘breathtaking.’ He has upcoming shows in Arizona, at the Scottsdale Waterfront as part of a Persian New Year celebration, and Oklahoma.

The reaction is equally positive to both his recording and live performances, with compliments from his fans coming from both. His focus for the past few years has been on making new music. His latest album is a ‘culmination of many years of experience and offers a new experience for fans while retaining all the well-loved elements of his past albums.’

Who Does Sohail Alibak Make Music For, and Why Should People Listen to Him?

Sohail started out making music for himself and his family. When interest grew from his friends, and then the general public Sohail realized that he could make a significant impact within the Persian music community. Sohail’s music caters to the pop genre but has recognizable hints of the traditional Persian style, making it accessible to the whole Middle Eastern community. People looking for contemporary Persian pop with a classic Iranian twist should listen to Sohail Alibak

Sohail has been successfully making music over the last two decades and continues to do so. Due to his discipline and determination, his career has gone from strength to strength – starting with small Persian clubs in London to performing at venues in Las Vegas. He has overcome obstacles to find his place in a challenging industry. Sohail’s music is made for his fans, and he holds them at the center of what he does. Every performance is an unforgettable experience for his fans because he makes sure it is. An excellent live performing and superb recording artist, Sohail Alibak is sure to keep on making waves.