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Meet Takudzwa Kubvoruno, The Mastermind Behind University Viral



Takudzwa Kubvoruno

He’s been known as TK, which stands for Takudzwa Kubvoruno, and he’s the name to remember in the experience industry.

TK is an entrepreneur and founder of University Viral reaching over 50 states and 12 countries across the world. TK made his arrival to the United States from Zimbabwe at the young age of 7 and is now a thriving figure in the Midwest. Through his company University Viral, and Viral Presents, the 26-year-old event architect masters the art of providing a fun and unforgettable college experience across the United States such as Florida, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Cabo among many others.

UV has already traveled over 400,000 students in just two years. It began as a Spring Break package traveling students to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and later on grew into something much bigger. It became a one-stop-shop for everything that spans from events, travel, and entertainment for college students.

The company has gained such a demand for expansion that it decided to launch a new extension to UV. On May 1st, TK and Co-Founder Marta Kopania launched the Viral World Tour which focuses on international travel and experiences. The new division launched with a 12 country in 2 months World Tour. The World Tour features destinations such as Australia, Egypt, China, Philippines, Bali, Singapore, Japan, Greece, Spain, and Paris, to name just a few. Besides the experience to travel to different places, TK and Marta chose these countries for their rich culture and heritage.

But before this all came to be, TK has already been an entrepreneur for a long time.

He started as a sales and marketing consultant for event, travel, and entertainment companies for less than a decade. He was able to grow a sales team of over 2,000 campus ambassadors in the Midwest and over 5,000 campus ambassadors from major universities across the US. He is responsible for producing over 10 million dollars in ticket sales for event companies and conducted campus ambassadors groups that have sold over 100,000 tickets to events in the Midwest. TK even created an initiative of Brand Ambassador programs and campus sales teams for notable brands such as Airbnb, Mountain Dew, LuLu Lemon, Rockstar, etc.

After a few years, that’s when he decided to build a company of his own and take control of his own future. In just a few years, he generated $15 million dollars in sales as a lead distributor and pioneer in sales. He traveled almost all 50 states and over 300 major college campuses.

What sets them apart from the rest is their belief as a company: by the people and for the people. They are a “what do you want” driven company which focuses on providing custom-tailored experiences and taking control of your experience, whatever that may be.

TK has not only become a business leader and entrepreneur himself, but he also created University Viral and Viral Presents to become a leader and pioneer in the experience industry. 

This success has only made TK more humble and driven, this makes all his work all the more worth it.


Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine