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Meet the Transformational Life Coach Bernadette Colognne



Once in a lifetime, you have probably wondered what it takes for a human to be an inspiration to others. We are aware that sometimes it is a challengeto break negative habits which create limiting beliefs and make it difficult to consistently work with a coach, which keeps you from accomplishing your full potential. We all know that we give up on our dreams when things get too complicated; what we don’t know is if we stay consistent and mindful of our problems, we can overcome them with the proper help.

Sometimes to overcome those struggles and not give up on your dreams, it could be your friend or your parent, but we can also rely on life coaches, as they help work with you to get to the depth of obstacles you can face on the path to your success.

Bernadette Colognne is one of the many individuals who have built her life from scratch and is now on the path to helping others to develop their lives, as well.  Please feel free to make an appointment to start your journey to free yourself from limiting beliefs and accomplish your full potential:

Bernadette Colognne as an actor

Bernadette Colognne, “BC,” born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, was raised in NYC.  Ms. Colognne has over two decades of experience in theater, television, and film,having done acting training at acting schools in Los Angeles and New York City.She has done feature films, television shows, and numerous commercials in her acting career.As a theatre artist, she has done off-Broadway theater in New York City and theater shows in Los Angeles.

Pals, Family Medical Center, Hill Street Blues, The Best of Times, The Jeffersons, and the film Zoot Suit show she has worked as a professional actress. She has also appeared in the plays, The Reluctant Saint, Cradle Song to Song of Victory, and Mondongo as a lead dancer/actress.

For her acting experience, she received accolades like Women in Film and Bayamon PR for her charitable activities. She also choreographed, performed, and taught dance at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and choreographed a redemption of “The Wiz.” She also appeared in several advertisements, making her an all-arounder.

As An Educator and Transformational Life Coach

Besides being an actor, Ms. Colognne is also a Master’s Degree graduate from Columbia University in NYC.Currently, she works as an educator and transformational life coach to help others conquer their greatest fears and limiting beliefs. As a Transformational coach, she is more than a light that guides others through challenging limiting beliefs.

She has been able to transform numerous people’s lives by being vocal about her experience.As a successful individual, her passion is to help make a difference in other people’s lives.Ms. Colognne’s mission is to motivate, encourage, and teach young adults and/or teens and older adults, as well to understand how valuable and significant they are and how they can change the world’s fate with making a difference one person at a time.


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