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‘Millennials find music liberating,’ says Not Dillon



‘Millennials find music liberating,’ says Not Dillon

Whether you agree or not, millennials run the world today. Those who were born in the early 80s to the mid-90s are considered to be people of Generation Y (more popularly known as millennials). These are the people who grew up during the Information Age or the brink of the 21st Century. Millennials are considered to be more digitally savvy than any of the previous generations as they grew up just when the internet was introduced to the public. Due to the amount of free information available on the internet, millennials were given the gift of endless possibilities and a lot more resources. One such millennial who is making waves and turning heads is musician Not Dillon.

An electronic music producer from Michigan, Not Dillon, is a true blood millennial who found his calling in music at quite an early stage in life. After doing various odd jobs at companies like Apple, Dillon decided to focus on his passion for music and take it to the next level, learning music production and attending various music festivals in and around the country. Eventually, the stage name Not Dillon was taken on. In a short period, Not Dillon took over the music charts and crossed over one million online streams worldwide. His song ‘Back to the Start’ with guest vocalist, Laura Page received critical acclaim from fans and reviewers.  

Not Dillon says, “As a millennial myself, I understand what my fellow millennials think and feel. For most of us, music is an escape from the everyday drama that surrounds us.” He also states, “If you put in hard work with dedication and perseverance, you will get what you dream of.” Not Dillon has performed at various music festivals in the United States and will soon tour internationally. He is also known for remixing tracks by popular artists such as The Chainsmokers, LIVVIA, and many more.

As per a recent study, millennials have proven to be quick learners, hard workers, and highly productive individuals, when compared to older generations. There are close to 80 million millennials in the United States today, and all of them are headed towards greatness in their respective fields.

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