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Musician and Actor Uno Paper Boi Opens Up About His Upbringing in the Wake of the Release of His Album ‘The Blue Devil’



While some artists are looking to break into charts and set new records, rising artist Uno Paper Boi is among the handful of musicians looking to create a powerful impact on his listeners. Having gone through several endeavors that have not only shaped who he is today, but the artist also strives to become a shining light to others who have strayed into the dark, helping them find their way into a path of success.

Born and raised in Riverside, California, the would-be artist went by the name Rayvon Cystrunk, walking along the streets of the poor community with an unshaken resolve to find a way out of the ghetto life. In the cemented sea of his town, Uno Paper Boi found his escape through skateboarding. “I began skateboarding as a way to keep my mind off all the negativity around,” he explained. 

Falling more passionate about the extreme sport, Uno did everything in his power to improve with his sights on becoming a professional. He sought to gain a sponsorship at the age of twelve, but life had different plans. By 13, Uno and his family finally left the streets, moving to Atlanta, where his plans for the future shifted towards music and entertainment. 

Taking on the stage name Uno Paper Boi, he built his reputation, delving into the rap genre. As the artist polished his lyrical potential and rhythms, his passion for music grew more assertive. When Uno started to approach adulthood, he had already created a name for himself, playing an extra for various films and series shot in Atlanta. When he wasn’t blending with the crowd in front of the camera, Uno was on stage performing with a couple of today’s rising artists in the hip-hop community.

As an artist, Uno Paper Boi utilizes his gift to share his unique background and the trials and tribulations he faced to become who he is today, taking the opportunity to share real pain in his music. As a result, audiences get to hear the sincere side of who he is and what he can become, setting him apart from other singers in the community. 

“Mark my words,” he said. “There will never be another like me again when I’m finished.”

Uno Paper Boi attributes his decision to switch lanes and pursue a music career to artists and actors before him. “Other stars that were great motivated me to become what I am today, trying to leave my own footprints in the game, trying to become a motivation for others that want to become a great leader in the music industry,” he explained. Having grown up at a financial disadvantage, Uno strives to build a life away from poverty and create a better life for himself and his children. Recently, the artist released a new album titled The uh Blue Devil, becoming a dark horse in the music scene with its building success and surprise features.

With his career still on the rise, Uno Paper Boi is more than confident that he will become one of the greatest in music and entertainment. “I plan on being a multimillionaire in music and acting, becoming a commodity and not just a face to the industry or the city I’m from,” he elaborated. “I want to be more.”

You can listen to Uno Paper Boi’s latest tracks by visiting his website. For more updates on his next releases, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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