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Passion with a Purpose: Mohammed Wasim Altabbaa a Syrian Actor and YouTube Star Lends a Helping Hand to Refugees of War



Syrian actor and YouTube influencer Mohammed Wasim Altabbaa is an on-the-rise artist in the US, impacting the lives of Syrian refugees who have lost their homes due to war. Assisting refugees with his wife Asmaa Altamo, Wasim is slowly gaining acclaim as a personality who uses his skills and influence to help others in need. In 2019, he was recognized as The Best Volunteer for Syrian Refugees, awarded a YouTube Silver Play Button, and named Best Syrian YouTuber

Wasim has partnered with many non-profit organizations to extend aid to Syrian refugees like providing food, clothing, and shelter. He joined various causes like MAPS Youth and Facebook volunteering programs that gears to alleviate the burdens of people suffering the misfortunes of war. As someone who has undergone the same hurdle, Wasim devotes to make it easier for his countrymen to adjust in an unfamiliar environment.

He plans to establish a company, SyrianRoots, with Syrian refugees as its beneficiaries. The prospect business will market and sell merchandise of his creations and will commit to partnerships with cause-oriented organizations where 35% of all the company’s earnings are donated. 

Wasim’s life mission started from a childhood teeming with promise and potential. Born and raised in Syria, he climbed the ladder of popularity over time and co-worked with entertainment industry professionals. He earned the Murex D’or Award thrice, one in 2012 and another two a year after, as Arabic Star of the Year, Best Actor and Audience Award, respectively. To add, he was titled Actor of Generation during the 2012 People’s Choice Awards, Best Actor during the 2010 Adonia Festival, and Best Supporting Actor at the Cairo Arab Media Festival. Living in war-stricken parts, he was forced out of his country and migrated to the US.

It became a hard transition for Wasim, exploring a new territory. Like many refugees, it takes a considerable amount of time and immense effort to obtain anchorage. He began by working at a local restaurant where he used his earnings to fund his education. He tapped his inclination towards Information Technology and completed an education program after several years. Wasim then worked as a Technical Support at Bellevue College in Seattle for five years allowing him to further his aptitude in the field, ultimately landing him a job at Facebook. 

Working with a global company, Wasim gained latitude to volunteer for many causes concerning the plight of Syrian refugees. He uses his directing and acting skills to publish informative videos and content about his community service on YouTube and Instagram. His rising prominence in the online platforms led him to meet his wife Asmaa. Their love story inspired many, earning him an interview with ET Arabic in their program The Syrian Star of 2019. Wasim has also graced other television programs like the Rally For Victims of Civil War in Syria in Kiro 7 and The Syrian Dream in MBC 1. The story of Wasim and his wife eventually caught on to global entertainment platform Netflix – Wasim revealed that an episode is underway.

Wasim is married to Asmaa Altamo, a successful makeup artist working for Givenchy. Their love story will be featured on Netflix through “Halal Love.” Their inspirational story of survival as refugees and success are serving as a beacon of light to hopeful immigrants in the US. 

Tracing his experiences, it is no question that Mohammed Wasim Altabbaa is one who is destined for greater heights.

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