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Phil Kreis Makes America Laugh Again Through His Creative Content



Admittedly, many powerhouses in today’s entertainment scene are industry-backed and have relied on connections to enter the doors of their chosen field. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with utilizing one’s resources, this strategy has made aspirants without any support hesitant to pursue their goals as entertainers. But Phillip Edward Kreis, known as Phil Kreis, wants to send the message that the most significant requisite to success is one’s dedication to their craft and not anyone’s contact number.

“It’s not about what you know or who you know. It’s actually ultimately about how you approach the game and navigate the scene. That truly goes for anyone no matter where you come,” Phil Kreis shares. And these words serve as a massive boost for people who have nothing but their passion and perseverance on their backs. 

Phil Kreis, a Maryland native, graduated from High Point University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in business and psychology. As an aspiring artist who did not come from a family with any particular artistic background, he had to learn the ropes by himself, developing and cultivating his brand of artistry. By banking on his personal and professional experiences, he is able to offer a different perspective that makes him an immensely refreshing new face to the industry. 

This versatile rising star has stepped foot all over the country, demonstrating excellence in all of his involvements in different areas, such as commercial and residential real estate. And his various endeavors have allowed him to develop a strong-minded persona and gain a deeper understanding of what life is about. Holding every lesson learned in high esteem, Phil Kreis never fails to look back on his achievements and mistakes to improve and grow into a better version of himself. 

Currently, he is making a mark as a content creator. Crafting creative and complex videos rife with subtle shoutouts to the veterans of the game who has inspired him, this entertainer intends to bring joy to his viewers. Moreover, his YouTube channel called Phil Kreis Rock Show is a growing collection of productions that acknowledge today’s current events, including the Black Lives Matter movement that inspired large-scale action after the death of George Floyd, as well as the quarantine imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

On top of his videos that have proved to be a source of real entertainment, especially for those who pick up on the lingo and references, he also puts up numerous relatable posts on his social media platforms, showcasing his fun personality and likeability. 

Having evolved immensely, particularly in the past year, Phil Kreis looks forward to seeing what his journey as an artist and an emerging household name will look like. He plans to not only hone his skills as a content creator and an instrument player but also to widen his arsenal of abilities so that he would be able to reach more people and create a bigger impact. More importantly, he vows to remain a figure in the industry that stands for authenticity, social consciousness, and entertainment. 

Learn more about Phil Kreis by visiting his Instagram page and YouTube channel.

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