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Playa Introduces the Hit Single “Slow For Me”



Behind every songwriter’s music is a heartwarming story that fans can learn from. Listeners often look for songs that move them, songs they can easily relate with. Every melody, every rhyme, and every word has a history. From a difficult childhood to an unexpected heartbreak, music lovers search for songs that also tell their life story.

These are the kind of songs that songwriter and artist, Playa, is giving his audiences worldwide. His recently released single, “Slow For Me,” is gaining a lot of following in different streaming platforms online. The artist is confident that “Slow For Me” will make it to the Billboard Charts soon. The song is a collaboration with a well-known songwriter, Sequence Clark. He is known to have worked with famous artists that include Timbaland, Kevin Gates, Big Sean, Gorilla Zoe, and Meek Mill, to mention a few.

Playa draws inspiration from his experiences as a student, athlete, and artist. He grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and hoped that someday he would be able to join the NBA. Getting a business degree was part of his dream at the same time. It was his good friend, Mauriez, who influenced him to have a deeper appreciation of music when they were in high school. They would go to the studio to record songs after school. He also helped out his friend by handing out CDs in school. Eventually, however, Mauriez decided to lie low.

He continued his daily visits to the recording studio and would record his songs. The young artist always made sure to leave some open verses for his good friend to sing once he comes back. The days he spent in the studio gave birth to the group, Top Floor. It created a hit single titled, “Same Cloth,” that got over 1 million views on Youtube. “Same Cloth” received excellent reviews from Snoop Dogg and former NBA player Kevin Garnett.

Despite having bad experiences in the past as a musical artist, Top Floor made sure to continue on their journey of creating beautiful songs. Playa continues to draw inspiration from their achievements as a group. People have come and gone, and some have taken advantage of them. However, they still remain committed to creating exceptional and inspiring projects.

At present, Playa, is trying out his luck in writing for film and directing his music videos. He also intends to continue writing R&B songs for big artists in the industry. “Slow For Me” is something that the artist considers as a turning point in his career. He hopes that the song will pave the way for him to conquer more challenges in the industry.

Whether he is writing lyrics, singing, or composing songs, Playa remains excited for what lies ahead. Everything he does in the music industry is dedicated to all the fans. They are the ones who believe in his talents and gifts as a musician.

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