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Promising Comic Book Author is on the Rise



Shermar James

The passion for comic books is an ever-growing initiative. Collectors are evolving in their taste for comic books, genre, and even authors. This industry has made such a lasting impact on the lives of millions of people globally that more and more skillful writers are inclined to publish comic books.

Comic book enthusiasts would be happy to know that an up and coming author recently published a series titled, “Modern Monarchy: The Caveman King.” Shemar James has been revolutionizing comic book storytelling through his unique style writing. He also started to experiment with the power of animation, through a 3D Youtube cartoon series, to attract people from different ages.

The title of the series was “City Crooks: The Conspiracy.” It has similar adventures mentioned in the author’s other stories. James’ creativity

He published his first novel in 2012 called, “The Adventures of Zorax Zoomster,” categorized as science fiction. This suspenseful fantasy story tells the adventure of a teenage alien crew who journey to the vast galaxy to find a way to save their own civilization from a powerful evil ruler.

Publishing a comic book story is not a comfortable journey. It requires focus, commitment, and a lot of patience. Fortunately, James has all three of these characteristics, both as storyteller and animator. The future may not be guaranteed, but James dreams of more significant projects. Possible collaborative work can be expected.

James is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He finished a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and a concentration in Spanish. He is currently working on finishing his Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. At present, he also works as an administrator and helps students from the university process things during this crisis. He was previously part of Kelloggs, specifically, in the digital aspect of its operations.

The author continues to work on improving his storytelling and creative writing skills. He is also passionate about poetry and film. One of these long-term objectives is to see one, if not all, of his works transformed into a television series, movie, or video game.

James wants to teach people who may be aspiring to become an author like him never to give up and always focus on the goal. Thoughts and ideas, no matter how simple, should be documented in a journal for future reference. Writing a comic book is always about elaborating on an adventure that many want to relate with. The author encourages aspiring authors to fix their eyes on the dream and just start writing. Begin somewhere. Start today.

The road may be long ahead of him, but James is motivated to prepare today so that he can conquer tomorrow. He prioritizes personal development to prepare himself for the challenges awaiting him in the future. Whatever challenges there may be years from now where it concerns his craft, he is ready to meet them head-on and make a difference. This makes James a promising talent in the comic book world!

Visit James’ official website at to know more about his projects.

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