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Santino Pressley and LMHDRECORDS Make It Their Mission to Help As Many Artists As They Can



Santino Pressley

If you’re a talented musician who’s trying to make a name for yourself, it can be hard to jumpstart your career by yourself. It would be best if you had hard work, dedication, talent, and most importantly, money. When you’re an indie artist, your best shot at blowing up is through streaming platforms, touring and live performances.  The problem is, most people pay to put their music on streaming platforms. Then they’d get their first show or performance after enough people have heard them. But most people that pursue the music career don’t have the money.

This is where Santino Pressley can help. Santino is 29 years old and is currently located in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Through mentorship Santino has learned, the only real way to be successful is by helping others get what they want, so you can get what you want.  So, it became his mission and dream to help out struggling artists in any way he can. Santino Pressley (@musicdadd) is the owner and CEO of LMHDRECORDS. Santino created LMHDRECORDS to help indie artists get a jumpstart in the music industry. Artists who want to work with Santino don’t have to pay to play. All you have to do is send him a demo and showcase your talents. If he approves and likes your work, you will be accepted. It’s as simple as that. Also, all genres are accepted.

If Santino likes what he hears, then he will pay to boost and manage all the talented artists so that they have the chance to be heard. Although he doesn’t give away million-dollar deals or sign-on bonuses, it is still a fantastic opportunity that indie artists should grab while they can. Santino simply uploads your music to all streaming platforms, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. And in return, Santino gets to keep partial royalties to pay himself back. And all you need to do is keep making good music.

Santino Pressley also partnered up with Electric Pow Wow Festival, which is owned by Tra Wilding and Daniel Johnson. And now Santino is the COO of the company. Electric Pow Wow Festival is a multicultural music and arts festival that was created to bring the community together. It allows individuals to learn, laugh, live, love, create, and share memorable experiences with one another in the same place. Electric Pow Wow is committed to premiering new works, programming fresh and compelling music, and providing professional opportunities for established and emerging performers.

Artists who work within the EDM world get the chance to play live performance shows at Electric Pow Wow. It is a 3-day camping music festival, and if you manage to impress Santino, you’ll be guaranteed a spot to play your music to a large crowd on this prestigious stage. He will pay for your airfare, hotel, and still pay you enough to send you home with some money.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a great deal, I don’t know what does.

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