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Singer-Songwriter Blest Jones Is on the Rise to Stardom



It doesn’t take a genius to know that music is an integral part of life. Songs can be heard everywhere, even when the listener doesn’t bring her own–whether on the train or in the elevator. The variety of genres to choose from allows the listener to pick one that perfectly fits the mood. While it is easy to give credit to the vocalists singing the songs, songwriters also deserve a lot of praise.

The songwriters are the ones to write both the lyrics and the melodies, and they have the ability to make songs that evoke deep emotions in the listeners. That said, undoubtedly, the best kind of music artists are the ones who not only make the songs but also sing the songs they made themselves—they are the singer-songwriters.

Raised in Washington, DC, and currently based in New York City, Blest Jones is one such singer-songwriter. Gifted with an ability to paint a canvas of silence with beautiful words and melodies, he is an upcoming icon in the New York entertainment business. In his relatively short career of only two years, he has accumulated an impressive volume of millions of streams on multiple music platforms. Not one to make little steps, he has been making huge strides to stardom, landing collaborations with multiple well-known figures such as Mickey Valen and Lucian, among others. He has also written for some of the biggest and most influential stars in the industry, namely Rihanna and Post Malone.

Aside from writing songs for prominent artists, Blest has performed in multiple large events. He performed in Reitz Arena, FedEx Field, and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Maryland, as well as the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Talented, charismatic, and extremely attractive, he is easy on the eyes as well as the ears. He has modeled for Calvin Klein and made the CK billboard in Soho on Broadway. He is currently working on an album and doing some acting on the side, and he is involved in a few films set to release soon. With an ever-growing fan base, he is loyal to the fans and has been working extra hard to push quality content out for them, all 100% original.

Youthful love and self-discovery are the themes that Blest is most inclined to write and sing about. He wants to reference the sounds and imageries that millennials grew up with. Being a millennial himself and understanding the struggles and experiences of others in the same generation, he is aiming to write songs that convey messages and emotions that they will be able to relate to. He is involved in current affairs, and he is very passionate in his advocacy for Black Lives Matter.

Also a sportsman, he played D1 tennis and was awarded All Patriot Player of the week. He is also the most decorated tennis player and music artist to attend Loyola University, Maryland, which is a private Jesuit liberal arts university in Baltimore, Maryland. 

His personality and charm make him different. He is talented, and once he sets his eyes on something he wants, he will work his hardest to get it. With his desire to be unique in his music, he is making sure that his work is a cut above the rest.

You can find out more about him and his music on his social media platforms. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. 

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