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Solitaire or Patience Games



Solitaire, also called patience in England, is a card game for a very popular player. Solitaire is not really a simple game, the solitaire is actually a family of games, there are hundreds of different ways to play solitaire and a lot of different versions and variations of the game using one or more cards mixed together, each individual version of the game has different rules and different skill levels. Most card players can learn and learn the most basic versions of solitaire quite easily. However, the more complicated versions of solitaire can take hours for the player to complete and are also much harder to learn.

Solitaire games generally involve dealing cards from one deck, in some games, two decks are used, cards are usually mixed first before placing them in a predetermined design on a table or other flat surface, and then a player attempts to rearrange the deck shortly by rank and color by means of a series of card movements, in which the cards are transferred from one position to another while maintaining the rules of the game. The ultimate goal of most solitaire versions is to build stacks of complete bases with all the cards in the perfect order of suit, but first you need to access all the cards face down.

Some history originates from France, but its history and exact origin are uncertain. Some people like to think that the cabal was first invented by French prisoners held in royal prisons in France, while others claim that the cabal was invented by a French aristocrat for a period of isolation in the Bastille at one time or another. . The 18th century. The first collected collection of solitaire games has been attributed to Lady Adelaide Cadogan in her book entitled Illustrated Games of Patience, it was first published around 1870 and has been repeated several times since then. Prior to this date, there was no other literature citing the loneliness. There have been several variations of the original solitaire game over the years and there are currently about five hundred different solitaire games.

Today, the cabal can be played on many electrical devices, e.g. Your home computer or your mobile phone. Basic solitaire forms like Klondike and FreeCell are pre-installed with each new version of Microsoft Windows, and the most updated Windows Vista operating system also comes with a fun version of Spider solitaire. If you like card games, Solitaire is a great game that will definitely keep you entertained for hours, and with all these different variations, you will definitely find a version you enjoy.

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