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Spain’s “humble” playboy, Carlos Sanchez is the youngest millionaire by shorting EA stock



Millionaire Carlos Sanchez

A 21 year old who just graduated University with a masters in astrophysics is living up to his genius moniker after being crowned as one of Spain’s youngest millionaires. Carlos who keeps a relatively low profile has been making headlines in celebrity circles after El Mundo, Spain’s premiere news publication had revealed the young ‘playboy’ had taken Hollywood starlet and model, Zoë Kravitz on an Italian retreat this past winter where Kings Of Leon had performed their smash hit “Sex on Fire” just for the pair. Little is known about the date besides what was reported, however it has been revealed that Carlos had made significant returns after shorting games giant Electronic Arts, with some estimating he has a net worth of over $15 million. Not bad for a 20 year old with an astrophysics degree.

Sources close to Sanchez state that he has always been a ‘playboy’ and has dated a plethora of stars including Miley Cyrus and even up and coming rapper Coi Leray. A source close to Sanchez revealed that he likes to keep a very humble and low profile, as seen by his Instagram profile, you won’t see flashy cars or homes, however the source has revealed that Sanchez uses a $450,000 Ferrari supercar as a daily driver and throws lavish parties for his friends.

Sanchez is noted as being a founder of a blockchain company, ‘Krowd Innovation‘ while he was still studying at University for his degree with a team of other geniuses at the campus, they made significant advancements in blockchain technology and provided licensing deals to big tech companies such as IBM and even Microsoft.

Carlos Sanchez and Krowd Innovation Team

The team had also made tools for stock brokers and traders, where Sanchez grew his own personal wealth after those close to Sanchez stated that he amassed his wealth through shorting Electronic Art’s stock throughout 2021 and 2022 with several other companies in the gaming space. Sanchez has also been credited in helping companies such as Massachusett’s Boston Dynamics on design and blockchain implementation within their R&D departments.

On Sanchez’s private Facebook page a friend had left an image showcasing Sanchez and Kravitz on a date.

Carlos Sanchez and Zoë Kravitz

It’s unknown whether this is an altered photo from the actual date, or whether it is a joke left by a friend.

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