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The Cartoon Crush: A Look Back at the Greatest Cartoon Shows



Simpsons Portrait

The Cartoon Crush Series on FinalBoss contains bite-sized pieces written by Jon Holmes about current cartoons and their impact on how we watch television – their modest beginnings, legacies, and perhaps a snipe or two at what they used to be! It’s a drinking game.

Every time I mention The Simpsons, take a shot… (Please do not do this) Hope to see you on the other side. Each Cartoon Crush article is shown below, all in one location. Browse, read, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. takes a look at some great television masterpieces.

Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob, is remembered

The most recent installment to Cartoon Crush discusses a program that I grew up watching while also looking back at Hillenburg’s legacy. Spongebob is a cartoon that would ultimately help me a base and develop my comedic style as a future screenwriter because of its exceptional capacity to amuse both children and adults at the same time.

Want to know more about the show’s creators and what makes Spongebob so popular? The first Cartoon Crush article is this one.

“Homer at the Bat,” the Series Home Run

Although I could write a piece lamenting how The Simpsons Portrait has permanently lost its way, this article is a love letter to my all-time favorite Simpsons episode. Homer at the Bat certainly resonates in the memory as a major game-changer. I’m still mulling over the tune. It is no longer here!

The Brilliant Irrelevance Simpsons Portrait

Family Guy is a constant on our television screens, never a required meal component but always there. It’s the ideal “in the background” program that never tries to be anything more.

Even after all these years, Family Guy continues to be the troublemaking younger brother who is perfectly content in his role and is always eager to misbehave.

Understanding Rick Sanchez

My favorite asshole in the field of animation is Rick Sanchez. In this article, I examine Rick’s motivations, why he commits such horrible acts on a daily basis, and why we find it so very alluring. I ask: How can we, the audience, continue to allow him to get away with this? Hey, perhaps we’re all just a group of naive sadists. Who is to say?

A supporter of Rick and Morty and Rick in particular? Join me as I examine what makes Rick unique among cartoon characters and what makes him the Richest Rick.

The Ordinary Genius of Bob’s Burgers

In a dismal society not too distant from our own, Bob and his family make a living working in greasy diners while the kids attend school. This article focuses on that little community, its peculiarly grounded universe, and its unique brand of realism within it, and also checked this baseball cap.

I discuss Bob Belcher’s general sincerity of grandeur and his lack of obnoxiousness. And how strange that is precisely what separates this program from the competition.

The Persistence of South Park

Even though South Park is one of the oldest movies on this list. It is still a master of its genre. South Park keeps up. Its a tradition of upending and poking fun at the current zeitgeist while getting more robust with each new season.

Here, we talk about how South Park has remained so startling throughout its run and how it will continue to relish exploring the darkest, most extreme locations that no one else will.