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The Motorsports Mecca of The NorthWest: “Pats Acres”



The Motorsports Mecca of The NorthWest

Whether you’re an avid go-kart racer, a rising professional drifter, or just looking for a thrilling, fast-paced experience with some friends, Pat’s Acres Racing Complex is just the place for you. With a 43 acre property in Canby, Oregon, Pat’s Acre’s tracks weave through beautiful Oregon scenery, with Grand fir trees piling high overhead and luscious green grass lining the pavement that curves around the Pudding River. This beautiful complex has grown to be one of the top kart racing facilities in the Northwest and is definitely worth a visit. 

Pat’s Acres Racing Complex was built in the 1930s by Pat Sabin as a spot for his employees to enjoy with their families. Before the track was built in 1967, the property was used as a music hall that hosted outdoor concerts. Even after the half-mile of pavement was installed by Harry Hegar and the property was used for go-kart racing, the owners have still kept the musical traditions around. Every year in July, there are two music festivals on the land: Harefest, a 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s tribute band festival with over 23 bands, and Wild Hare Country Music Festival, an East Texas red dirt country music festival. These events are great for families and friends to come together and enjoy a little music in the heat of an Oregon summer. 

Through the 1990s and early 2000s, Pat’s Acres hosted some of the biggest karting races in North America. This allowed them to expand their track, adding a ‘long track’ section that made the pavement just under a mile long. Thereafter, Pat’s Acres has only continued to cultivate in the karting world. 

Guests of Pat’s Acres can attend racing events as spectators, or they can choose to race in their own kart through the “Arrive and Drive” program. Those that have some experience and own a personal go-kart can bring it down to the track for some friendly competition. For beginners or those who simply cannot commit to buying their own kart, there is no need to worry. Pat’s Acres has brand new 2018 rentals available that reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. A membership of $12 for the year is required for any participation and rental kart prices start at $25 for 12+ minutes on the track and a $3 head sock for using Pat’s helmets. This program is an excellent way to bond with friends, experience the adrenaline of a go-kart race, and maybe even throw in a little competition. If you’d like to participate, but feel your go-kart skills are at a more novice level, Pat’s Acres offers driving lessons from professional racers as well. 

Once drivers have spent some time on the track and feel ready to put their skills to the test, they can sign up to participate in one of the many races organized by Pat’s Acres. The Kart Racing Series is great for entry-level karters, and they even host a larger Regional level/West coast series race every year. On one Saturday night of each summer month, June, July, and August, there are also night races that take place at the complex. For drivers with a passion for the pavement, Pat’s Acres also has a Rental Kart Racing League. The team meets one Tuesday night per month from May to September, offering the drivers plenty of time on the track in Oregon’s most beautiful season. 

Aside from go-karting and music festivals, the complex also hosts monthly drift events. Whether you are a new drifter or drift at the professional level, there is always a spot for you. On Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend Pat’s Acres organizes two three-day drift festivals with camping and driving events. “Thrash Bash,” their one pro-day drift event, is hosted by Chelsea Denofa, a Mustang RTR Drift team driver. Denofa also runs a “School of Drift” where drivers can be trained to drift by Formula Drift professionals in his own personal school cars. 

If you thought that was all this complex had to offer, you are mistaken; Pat’s Acres currently has a mile and a half of motocross track for people of all ages. Those 14 and up can pay just $35 for an all-day pass, and those 13 and younger can pay $25 for free reign on the track. The motocross tracks offer beginner and intermediate routes allowing any participant to kick up some dust, or catch some air, as they speed through Oregon’s engaging landscape. 

Open Tuesday through Friday from noon to dark, and Saturday through Sunday from ten to dark, Pat’s Acres is just the place to blow off some steam, let the adrenaline flow through your blood, and turn your favorite movie drift scene into a reality. The complex is a great space to come on your own, bring some friends, or even for corporate events, company outings, birthdays and bachelor parties. After a customizable meal cooked straight from the Traeger, guests can jump in their go-karts and be ready for action as the races begin. 

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