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Top 7 Present Ideas for Your Female Boss



Present Ideas

Giving a gift to your female boss is not a simple matter. On the one hand, as a subordinate, you can’t possess the in-depth knowledge of their secret desires or be aware of the gift alike those that their partners, friends or family members will get them. You also can’t get them something too personal or inappropriate in order not to disrupt a professional relationship that the two of you have. Still, you want to get them something thoughtful, handy and interesting. Here are seven such ideas that you should consider.

1.      Mini Zen garden

The first incredible idea that you should consider is getting your boss a mini Zen garden for their desk. First of all, the workplace is stressful for everyone, however, when you’re the one in charge, the one with the responsibility, you might feel like you’re under a lot more pressure. By gifting them a Zen garden, you’ll not only provide them with a tool to allow them to cope with the stress (far more interesting one than a simple stress ball), you’ll also show them that you acknowledge the pressure that’s on their back. Sometimes, this gesture can be far more meaningful than the gift itself.

Top 7 Present Ideas for Your Female Boss

2.      Amazing boss print

Speaking of appreciation, another thing you can do is get them a mug with the words “world’s best boss” printed on them or get them an “amazing boss” wall print for their office. Keep in mind that it’s the intention that counts the most and it’s the fact that they’re getting it from you that will make the biggest difference. This way, they can put this gift proudly on display and be reminded every single day of how highly you regard them.

3.      Monogram phone case

To an entrepreneur or a leader, their phone is a miniature version of their office. From here, they communicate to the rest of the team, read emails or oversee major projects via an app for the collaboration tool of their choice. Now, getting them a phone would be both inappropriate (too much money for the gift) and impractical (what are the odds that you can and will afford the model that they need). On the other hand, inquiring about the model of their phone and getting them a monogram phone case is a different thing entirely.

Top 7 Present Ideas for Your Female Boss

4.      Business card case

Even in the digital era, business cards are an essential part of the business world etiquette. This is why you might want to consider getting them a business card case. This is an item that holds up to 25 business cards, which makes them quite handy for everyday use. Other than this, it’s a gift that costs less than $10, which means that it’s quite thoughtful without being inappropriate. It’s one of those practical gifts that people never remember to get themselves.

5.      Thermal travel coffee mug

Another amazing idea that you need to consider is gifting them a thermal travel coffee mug. This is because your boss is always on the run and by owning this item, they’ll have a much more efficient morning commute/routine. Keep in mind that they may already own one, however, it’s not like they aren’t going to use the second one, as well. Moreover, by going for something that’s particularly stylish or interesting, you can easily ensure that your gift is their tool of choice.

6.      The Complete Murphy’s Law

A book is always a great idea for a gift, however, if you want to be particularly cheeky with it and give them something humorous and light, you can always go for The Complete Murphy’s Law (all the reasons why everything goes wrong). Running a major project or an enterprise can often seem like something taken straight out of Murphy’s Law. This way, nonetheless, you will give them a moment of rest and respite every time they take this into consideration.

7.      A power bank

The last thing you need to consider is yet another smartphone accessory. This time, however, we’re talking about a power bank. When on the run, their battery will get depleted quite quickly. This is especially true with the rate at which one executive types, calls and uses apps. So, by getting them a slim travel power bank, you’ll help make their device far more functional. Keep in mind that this too is an item that a surprisingly large number of people don’t own, even though it’s quite inexpensive and handy to possess.


As you can see, there are several ways in which you can pick a suitable gift for your lady boss. First, it has to be something handy, something that they’ll use every day. Second, it shouldn’t be so expensive that they have to take serious consideration of whether to accept it, to begin with. Finally, it needs to be given with best wishes and intentions in mind. Fortunately, all the above-listed seven items more than fulfill these criteria.

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