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Tru Goddezz Donates To A Food Bank In Atlanta Georgia



Last week, Recording artist Tru Goddezz donated to Earth fare for a food bank in Georgia.

“I just really wanted to help,” Tru Goddezz said. “Because not a lot of people have food on their tables to feed them and their families.”

Her donation will help lots of people to have food. Tru Goddezz is amongst  the top 5 recording artist sharing wisdom.

“She nourished not only those that got food, but she nourished us all with her passion for sharing enlightening music,”Owen said. “It’s just encouraging to see someone so caring like her.

Tru Goddezz pop conscious music is currently Top 10 on radio stations charts.

Tru Goddezz has incorporated self-development disciplines in her conscious music.

Her music also draws on elements of  her signature, mystikal flow and symbolic metaphors to embrace digital remedies for the inner mind, heart and soul; this is the first music of its type. She is the first female artist of her culture to create multi-genre conscious Trendy music in the 21st century.

Donate to help Tru Goddezz  to continue sharing wisdom and  Awakening the world with her digital lyrical remedies.

I am Jaye Wells, a mom and blogger. I am here to share my personal views on artist, business and celebrities.