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Unlocking the Key in Saving Humanity through ‘Global Tesla Operation’



Poyne Dexter may have solved the riddle of life and may hold the key to humanity’s salvation.

Dexter seems to be an ordinary guy at first until you look at his achievements. He graduated from high school at 16 in a world where high schoolers graduate two years later than him. He ran a successful small-time auto detailing business through his college life until he dropped out. He stuck through to his craft, and Summit Racing Equipment eventually hired him to become the youngest person to work at the company. He became the company’s best performer after 60 days of working beyond training.

Now, Dexter wants to know how he can cure humanity of all the ills and the demons they are experiencing. The world has been full of men with ill intentions. They manipulate humanity such that they use them to destroy the underprivileged and the marginalized, to rid them of their existence. They also spread hate at each other, to divide and conquer. Those people want to maintain the status quo, and Dexter is having none of it.

The cruel ills of the world made Dexter establish a new organization called Global Tesla Operation or GTO. GTO comprises leaders and trailblazers are at the forefront of a battle to save and to preserve humanity and all its souls. They have made designs to achieve such goals. These designs underwent minimal but effective testing to prove its supposed applications. GTO showcases two of its products that would have produced the most consequential effects.

Their first creation is the electromagnetic, or EM pistol. This pistol beams sporadic but effective pulses that disrupt neurons. These pulses can imitate symptoms of radiation sickness in under a minute, by confusing the neurons that supposedly give commands to your body and resonate consciousness.

This EM pistol would have altered law enforcement in the entire world, as they would not need the threatening and lethal nature of guns. At this climate wherein police brutality is the norm, police have become abusive when they possess a weapon of power. The EM pistol would carry the supposed role of the police but in a more restrained way.

Their second creation is a scientific afterlife. They have discovered that should the correct electrical simulation be supplied to the brain using Nikola Tesla’s technology, the mind will promote natural neuron function that aging can be a thing of the past. People can live forever if the brain matter undergoes proper preservation measures, and a constant flow of electricity is available.

The United States government was the only entity able to get hold of Nikola Tesla’s secret technologies after his passing. The US government secretly developed and improved what Nikola Tesla started. After they realized that they yield too much power, they decided to shelf the project and limited its access to civilians. This is until Dexter gets to gain this knowledge and use it for the benefit of humanity.

No other organization has ever encountered anything similar to that of GTO. GTO wants to see humanity being satisfied and accepting to themselves and become respectful to other fellow humans. Technology may advance, but GTO is ahead of the pack. We hope that we could see them share their technology and steer us to a new direction on advancement and progress. 

Learn more about Global Tesla Operation through their Facebook account. 

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