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Up and Coming Pop Music Sensation, Tristan Cole Releases a Brand-New Song to Inspire Others in These Trying Times



With his uncompromising vision and genuine appeal, Tristan Cole is not just your typical Pop singer-songwriter. A real triple threat, apart from his music career Tristan Cole is also an actor, model, and activist. Tristan comes from a very musical family. The young pop sensation’s first foray into music was when he was a toddler performing in a Sunday School production at his church. Later, In fourth grade, he had the opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd at his sister’s dance recital, performing the ever-popular hit song “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys.

Fast forward past his ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ days, to his adult years, Tristan Cole has become a force to be reckoned with within this ever changing multi-genre music industry. After opening for Grammy award winning J. Cole, performing at New York Fashion Week, as well as the Canadian Music Festival, Tristan continues to pave his path towards success. He won the Best Male Vocalist for the Carolina Music Awards, adding yet another achievement to his already prolific career.

More than just a one-trick pony, Tristan’s music is diverse, as he blends genres and uses non-conventional rhythms in his songs all the while following the sonic structures of popular mainstream music that audiences from all over the world have come to know and love. As more than just an entertainer, Tristan seeks to inspire others and touch people’s hearts through his visuals, which always seem to carry some kind of thought provoking message to the listener. With Tristan’s rock-solid tenacity, he is rapidly dominating his lane in the music industry.

Music Industry moguls and fellow musicians have voiced their admiration for Tristan’s grit, personality, and extreme work ethic. Tristan puts in the blood, sweat, and tears into every song that he releases, and this passion of his bleeds into every lyric he writes. Tristan is a very big fan of collaborations, saying, I just love feeding off others energy and ideas creating a melting pot of magic rather that one-man show.”

His newest single entitled “Champion” was produced by Mod G and features BET’s ‘Next Big Thing’ TV show artist, Tia P. “Champion” is a song for anyone that has ever been underrated, undervalued, and taken for granted. Tristan offers up his song as an anthem for all the underdogs out there. In these troubled times where fear is abundant, this song brings people together and helps remind them that they aren’t alone.

Tristan Cole isn’t on a self-absorbed path of vanity and self-expression. Tristan Cole makes music to share his meaningful messages to his audience. A man of sheer talent and genuine sincerity, his goal is to break down stereotypes. Tristan Cole is helping to bridge gaps in the music industry and is pushing his own unique sound into greater heights. There’s no telling how much Tristan Cole will accomplish as an artist in the years to come, but it’s definitely exciting to see how much he has grown over the years and how much he will continue to grow in the future. There’s no stopping Tristan’s rise to fame. We just can’t wait for him to finally make it big and reap the rewards of all of his years of hard work.

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