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Up-and-Coming YouTube Sensation Isaiah’s ‘Sauls Comedy’ and ‘We Will Be Noticed’



In today’s generation, social media has become the new source of information and entertainment. The evolution of the apps on mobile phones, making them accessible in just a single tap, has changed the course of creating and sharing content. While some people are mere silent viewers and followers, there are talented people who see themselves as entertainers, who are naturally driven to make an identity and reputation online.

Like any average young man, Isaiah Sauls is juggling life between school and work. He is fun and easy-going, loves creating jokes, and making people laugh in general. He started creating videos and posted them on his YouTube channel for fun and entertainment. And from then on, Isaiah has been popularly known as Sauls Comedy.

Sauls Comedy is the YouTube channel of Isaiah that contains his Vlogs and comedy/prank related videos. He creates videos using his mobile phone detailing how life has been going. Naturally fun, and intriguing, his Vlogs reflect daily life struggles and highlights. More or less like an impromptu video, Isaiah gains self-fulfillment in creating funny videos. He is always determined to put a smile on his viewer’s face.

Sauls Comedy is under W.W.B.N., which stands for “we will be noticed.” By not taking it literally, Isaiah and his fans will keep on striving to be noticed by the world. As they stand for positivism, love, motivation, and they will do what it takes to be successful in their endeavor.

As a budding YouTuber, Sauls Comedy aims to reach a wider audience who find value in his content. He admits that creating content is not an easy task. As he mostly creates it based on random life events, he is working on to show Vlogs that resonate his stand on positivism, love, and motivation. Depending on the content, Sauls Comedy also features his group of friends in one of his Vlogs, to make it more engaging and fun. 

In the videos, Sauls is genuine in what he does, in making people laugh. He always ensures that he is true to himself while recording his Vlogs. He believes that by being genuine, you radiate confidence that ripples towards anyone. He supports the value of self-identity and how it is very important in creating his unique, comedy driven Vlogs.

As gaining viewers on YouTube is tricky, Sauls Comedy doesn’t stop. He is pushing himself to discover and improve. It is a process that takes time, but with determination and passion that he will be able to find his niche in the YouTube world. 

Isaiah’s content in Sauls Comedy is new and authentic. He doesn’t want to conform with what’s trending and popular. By doing W.W.B.N., he strives to be known through his craft. Together with fans and friends, they will be noticed soon as a comedy Youtube channel worthy of being looked forward to by the Youtube community.

Sauls Comedy is eager to meet anyone who supports W.W.B.N. Hit subscribe on his YouTube channel for updates on his new Vlogs, or follow his Tiktok account. You can also follow him on Twitter,Instagram, and Snapchat for more updates. 

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