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Viktoria Fox’s Mercedes G Wagon is Bullet Proof



Armored vehicles are extremely heavy, poor on gas mileage, and did we mention ridiculously expensive? These days, everyone from The Queen of England to Hollywood celebrities are making safety their number one priority. Cryptocurrency queen and Forbes alumni, Viktoria Fox recently upgraded her Mercedes AMG G Wagon with the latest armored technology. We were curious why this socialite would need a vehicle built like a Russian tank? Fox states “I feel like our society has become more polarizing post George Floyd and the pandemic. I’ve had my tires slashed before, and rocks thrown at my window while driving on Wilshire Blvd. It was never like this before, and I just feel safer driving in a car that can take multiple rounds fired at it”.

Such drastic measures may seem like overkill, however, rising crime and death by gunshot wound has been a particular concern of stars who are under siege from paparazzi and stalkers. This hits close to home for many in L.A.’s celebrity culture, who are willing to spend lavishly on personal security seen as a necessity.

Aaron Cohen, owner of IMS Security in Hollywood, whose clients include Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and CharlieSheen, reveals the cost to secure the home of Hollywood’s elite can top $1 million a year. So it makes sense that celebrities — as well as Hollywood’s high-net-worth business executives would extend their security to include armored vehicles.

Top car companies such as Mercedes, Bentley, and BMW all quietly manufacture armored versions of their cars. BMW’s 7 Series can withstand piercing bullets from an AK-47 and is outfitted with run-flat tires in case the wheels are shot at.

Robert Siciliano, a New York based securities expert says “A bullet costs about 25 cents. It will penetrate a non armored vehicle pretty efficiently. What’s your life worth?” In that context, Siciliano believes “to spend half a million dollars on an armored vehicle isn’t that outrageous. I bet Biggie Smalls mom wishes he had.”

Viktoria Fox’s G-Monster has been fitted with VR6 ballistic protection, same as what is used to guard world leaders. Mercedes and its partners used a combination of steel plates and metal composites, which weighs over 2,000 pounds. Fox doesn’t mind the extra weight. “I will gladly drive a car that is slower and wastes gas if it means saving my life.

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