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What is Minecraft?



What is Minecraft?

Minecraft has taken the world by storm and even if you haven’t played it before, you might have heard of it. Welcome to the amazing world of Minecraft.

Back in 2009, an early version of the game went out for PC users to try out. It was referred to as an alpha build and it was very much adapted and updated based on user feedback. Minecraft is known for its unique pixelated look which takes us all back to the days before technology exploded with 2D and 3D renderings.

You might say Minecraft is much more than a game and actually experience. This is the only way you can capture the full essence of it. Seeing it as a just a game might undercut its actual value to its users. What you do in Minecraft is basically up to you but the basic workings of the game are that you wander through your world and break down resources that you find. This, in turn, allows you to build your own structures, weapons, and other items.

Some resources are more difficult to find and naturally are more valuable. So it is important to explore as much as you can. There are 4 main modes you can play in the game. The first mode is survival mode. In this mode, you have a life bar and you must explore your world for resources to build structures and weapons. You must be on the lookout for enemies, zombies, and creepers.

The creative mode allows you to just build and this is what many players engage in. here you will be given all the resources you need to build and you can navigate your map by flying. This way you can build all sorts of structures depending on how skilled you are. A lot of people like to build popular landmarks in real life or those we find in fictional writing.

The third mode is the adventure mode. Here you can build and experience adventures built by other players. They might have built a dangerous map that you must navigate successfully. This is a fun way to play the game as a group and just enjoy what others have created.

Lastly, you have the spectator mode. Here you can visit maps without any fear as you are not required to interact with any element of the creation. This is excellent for people who just want to see fun creations and wander through maps without restrictions without actually being in the adventure. This is just a passive exploration of whatever you find intriguing. The creators of the map won’t even know you’re there as you are invisible.

Minecraft has seen its own share of massive success. By January 2011, Minecraft surpassed 1 million purchases and what’s most intriguing about this is that there was no advertising…just word of mouth. The game was created by Markus Persson and he created the company Moyang to handle the proceeds of the game. He eventually sold the game and all of its rights to Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014.

In 2014, Minecraft became one of the most popular games online with about 60 million copies sold and 100 million users. It had branched out to other platforms like the console and it became one of the most popular and most played games on the Xbox and PlayStation online stores. It only continues to rise in popularity.

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