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Who Started “Lost Angeles” and Why Are All the Big Influencers Posting About It?



Who Started “Lost Angeles” and Why Are All the Big Influencers Posting About It?

Yesterday, Jay Alvarrez, Jordyn Jones, Tana Mongeau, Faze Banks, Nyjah Huston, and dozens of other top Instagram influencers posted the same pink background to their story with the tag @LostAngeles.

Who Started “Lost Angeles” and Why Are All the Big Influencers Posting About It?

When KivoDaily staff clicked on the link, we found an account with zero followers that simply says “Welcome to Lost Angeles.” We also checked online and across other social media platforms but could not find any information or website for the mysterious account.

This begs the question as to what Lost Angeles actually is and why so many accounts with millions of followers posted about it at the same time. So far, we have not found anything other than the same pink background from many of the biggest influencers on Instagram. Is it an upcoming festival, a product, a brand? Nobody really knows.

The easiest answer might be that one of the influencers is in on it, but we could not find anything linking any of the people posting about Lost Angeles. It also could be something along the lines of the World Record Egg, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point, according to experts.

Entertainment industry sources told KivoDaily that this could be a big celebrity’s brand launch, noting that other companies like Jay-Z’s TIDAL have also used similar launch strategies. Another source added, “I’ve never seen so many big people post something for seemingly no reason.”

KivoDaily reached out to Jay Alvarrez, Faze Banks, Nyjah Huston, and several other influencers who posted for comment and have not heard back as of publishing time.


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