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Your Aliveness: A 15-Point Inspection, Free of Charge



Your Aliveness

“The Search For Aliveness” logo. Courtesy of Tuthill Corp.

As my team and I set out to create a documentary series that explores the things people do to feel alive I was initially skeptical.  I wasn’t sure why it made sense for us to do a project like this.  We’d never done anything like this before.  We’re the Tuthill Corporation.  We manufacture pumps.  How does this fit?  Who will want to watch it?  It was scary, but we took the leap and decided to proceed with Director, Vito Pellicano’s idea.  We trusted that what we were up to was so deeply rooted in the fundamental human truth that people want to get the most out of life, it would be a success.

Our company’s purpose is to Wake the World.  We want to raise awareness and equip people with the tools they need to live the life they want to live.  Wouldn’t it be great if we had personal aliveness trainers?  What if I told you we already do?  When we’re born, our parents teach us how to walk and talk.  We go to school and our teachers teach us how to read and write and how to do math and science.  Coaches teach us how to be athletes, how to compete, and how to be good teammates.  Priests, pastors, rabbis and the like teach us about spirituality.  But who teaches us how to put it all together?  How to find our individual aliveness.  It starts with each one of us.  It’s true.  We are our own aliveness trainers.  Perhaps the most important topics to be invested in and curious about – your life.  Many of us haven’t taken the time to think about this because of the onslaught of information distracting us every waking hour.  We’re moving too fast.

As we’ve ventured out to film and promote “The Search for Aliveness” in person, on TV, via radio and podcasts, we’ve heard people say, almost unanimously, “now is a perfect time for something like this”.  It’s a great validation of the work we’ve set out to do.  But why?  Why is it a perfect time for this?  Is it political unrest?  How about less human connection, more digital connection?  Could it be that there is more entitlement, more crime, and more chaos?  I’m sure it’s a mix of all of this.  People want to get back to simple, human, fundamental living; back to the basics of purpose, connection, energy, being present and engaged and feeling the full range of human emotions.  People want aliveness.

“The Search For Aliveness”s host, Chad Gabriel, interviews Jim Peterik (left) of The Ides Of March, Formerly of Survivor and of 38 Special Fame.

Here is a free 15-point inspection for you to consider about your own aliveness.  No coupon required.  Don’t judge yourself as you consider these.  Let your thoughts flow freely.  It’s not about good or bad, wrong or right.  Have grace.

  1. Do you accept yourself for who you are?
  2. Do you have friends, family, and community who support you regardless of your current situation?
  3. Do you consider yourself a spiritual being?
  4. Are you actively developing self-awareness?
  5. Do you spend time at the moment rather than thinking about the past or future?
  6. Do you create quiet time for reflection?
  7. Do you allow yourself to feel all emotions: sad, angry, scared, happy, excited, and tender?
  8. Do you accept and appreciate the emotions that you feel?
  9. Do you express your emotions?
  10. Do you know and honor your values?
  11. Are you motivated by the moment you get out of bed each day?
  12. Do you understand and pursue your individual purpose?
  13. Do you do things that fuel your mind, body, and spirit?
  14. Do you do things to take care of your mind, body, and spirit?
  15. Are you optimistic and positive?

How many did you answer yes to?  Which ones resonated within you?  Which ones did you feel guilty about neglecting?  What solutions came flooding into your heart as you read through this list?  How alive are you?  These considerations are a work in progress and they will evolve as we discover more about aliveness through the eyes of regular people like you and me as well as from thought leaders and experts in the field.

We’re beginning to learn what people do to feel alive through the interviews we’ve conducted so far such as creativity, nature, and service.  We’ll be taking what we’ve learned and shared the ingredients to make a recipe for aliveness.  It’ll be a recipe that everyone can try on their individual journey to discover what makes them feel alive and how they can create more of that in their lives.  Think about it like pizza.  Some people like thin crust.  Some like thick. Some like sausage.  Some like cheese.  Some like triangles.  Others like squares.  There are so many options and the only way to find the ones that you like is to sample as many as you’re willing to try.

Our hope for this documentary is that it will be an invitation for our viewers to slow down and to explore several options for what may make them feel alive.  Our dream for our world is that everyone learns what makes them feel alive and immediately begins making choices to live the lives they want to live – one full of aliveness.  Train on.

We’re actively seeking people to be part of this diverse collection of perspectives on aliveness.  If you’re interested in helping us with this project, please check out our casting call page at  Maybe you don’t want to be in the documentary, but you know of something you do to feel alive that you’d like to share with the world.  There’s a great opportunity for you to contribute your ingredient to our recipe gallery at  If you simply want to follow along to stay current on our progress, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Chad Gabriel is Tuthill's Sherpa of Purpose - Wake the World. He has been with the company for 17 years, and, after getting his start in a webmaster/IT role, he moved up the ladder at Tuthill to become one of the company's leaders. He oversees developing partnerships with other organizations to help further Tuthill's purpose to Wake the World. He describes Tuthill as a corporation looking to make a difference, not just with their employees, but with the world as a whole. This was the catalyst for the documentary, where Chad's role is to host and interview individuals around the world in the search for Aliveness. Chad sees the documentary as a science experiment where, with a hypothesis, the team documents reality to determine a "recipe" for Aliveness. In his case, Chad feels most alive when he's spending time with his family - particularly when he, his wife, and their two sons go fishing and spend time in nature. He grew up seeing the country through road trips, and has made it his goal as a parent to show his kids the world beyond their phone screens. In addition, Chad spends his free time playing acoustic guitar and coaching little league baseball. He played the sport in high school and uses the skills he acquired to give back to the community. Chad received an electrical engineering degree from the University of Illinois, and is currently in the process of obtaining an Executive Scholar Certificate from Northwestern. Chad is a firm believer in lifelong learning and describes Aliveness as living on purpose and realizing fulfillment in life.