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Yung Swagg Delivers Representation and His Suave Hip Hop Sound



Yung Swagg

We turn to music for the comfort that it brings. There is a thrill to be found amidst the reverberating beats and a sense of connection to be felt in the way artists express themselves. Music makes us feel less alone, and the people behind our favorite songs remind us that our life experiences are shared. They tell us that even in times where we believe we are unseen and unheard, someone out there understands us.

This feeling of solidarity and being represented can be sought in the music of rising star Robert Bellamy Jr. Born on August 7, 1993, Robert is better known by his stage name Yung Swagg.

American rapper and songwriter Swagg hails from Washington, DC, just like the famous hip hop artist Wale. Swagg became known for his debut mixtape, The Arrival, which shot to the top of Spinrilla upon its release. The mixtape came out in 2016 and consisted of 12 songs that introduced Swagg and his talent for rapping and songwriting to the music industry. Swagg also gained another footing thanks to his single, Better Days.

Swagg found his passion for music at a young age. While some of us take decades before we finally realize and commit to what we want to do, Swagg was already writing music when he was eight years old. Over the years, he has raised his mastery of the craft and honed his artistry as a rapper and hip hop singer. He was able to discover for himself what genre of music spoke to him the most and proceeded to reach other people through his creations.

Swagg has tens of thousands of followers across his social media platforms, and it is no surprise that he has thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. The diversity of his beats lends to a fresh experience every time you tune in to him. Swagg has also established his sound, setting him apart from other artists from the same genre.

And in an industry that is always in need of representation, Swagg gives voice to people with disabilities. One of the only disabled mainstream rap artists, Swagg sports a prosthetic leg due to an amputation at birth. Swagg serves as an inspiration to other individuals, letting them know that there should not be any barriers to success, and in the pursuits of one’s passions. You just need to know where your heart is, improve your skills, and pepper in a considerable amount of dedication to create success in your chosen field.

Also to be noted is the fact that Swagg’s skills and talents know no bounds. He is not only immersed in the creatives but also has entrepreneurial skills to boot. Swagg has founded his own entertainment label called Swagg Money037 Ent.

His latest release, Loan, came out on February 2020 and offers listeners a suave hip hop beat, well-paced rapping, and an immensely catchy chorus. The song follows a streak of excellent releases from Swagg, and the industry can expect nothing less from him in the future.

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