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5 Steps to Building a Billion Dollar Brand (The Howie Method)



5 Steps to Building a Billion Dollar Brand (The Howie Method)

You are a pre-teen in the 1980’s. You see people in your town zooming around on mopeds, while you look down and see your regular, everyday skateboard. You think to yourself, Damn. They are so lucky. I really wish I had that speed. So, what are you going to do? Sit around and daydream about possibly having that one day? Or, are you going to put in the work, innovate and make that daydream a reality? Well, if you are successful entrepreneur Howard Panes, there really is no question about it. You are going to put in the hard work and make your dream a reality…and that is exactly what Panes did when he was in this situation less than forty years go.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Panes and he recalled this memory from his childhood. He had his regular skateboard but wanted to revamp it to something with more speed, efficiency, and fun. He gathered a fork from a BMX bike, a rubber tire, a bumble bike motor, and mounted them onto his once, average skateboard. After playing around with it for a while and discovering what worked, he ended up with a motorized skateboard that rode up to 35 miles per hour! With electric skateboards not even being invented until the late 1990’s, this was unheard of. But Panes, with an innovative mind that’s always a few steps ahead, made it happen.

…And this workpiece was just the beginning.

Today, Panes is the proud creator of billion-dollar E-Cigarette business, LOGIC. And you are probably wondering, how did Panes become the successful billion-dollar brand owner he is today? Well, according to Panes, it actually comes down to the roots of his name.

Panes told me the story of when he was on a plane thinking to himself, why did my parents name me Howie? Was it just a random name they chose? Or was there a deeper meaning to be discovered?

This is when Panes realized his name was iron stamped into his genetics and thus created, “The Howie Method”:


From a young age, health and fitness have always been a large part of Panes’ life, as well as been the footwork of many of his business ventures, such as HowFit Personal Training and StealthBody Fitness. He holds a strong belief that health=wealth. Staying fit, working out, and fueling his body with healthy foods has helped keep his mind clear and motivated through both his business ventures and personal life. Panes were working from 5 am to Midnight, non-stop hustling with his business, HowFit, and still found time to work out, as health was always kept a top priority.


This is a key focus in Panes’ entrepreneurial life. He promotes that you must be yourself. Be YOU. Be REAL. Be PROUD. There are millions of other people on this earth and your unique quality is just being yourself. There is only one you. Use that to your advantage.


Panes speak on how the hard work you put into something, will greatly affect the quality of the result. There is no way to get around hard work. You must put in the time and energy in order to be successful. While Panes has a billion-dollar brand, it did not come easy. He gave up weekends, holidays, family days, and time with friends to pour his heart and soul into his business ventures.


Aim to think outside the box and create a new way to do something. Panes have always been the type of person to say, “Well this is great, but how can I make it even better?”. This way of thinking has led him to his successful, flourishing business ideas. Innovate, try new ideas, keep being creative. Do not be afraid to trip and fall. As long as you get back up, you will keep learning. Failures are lessons. Throw out your excuses and only produce results!

E- “Energy”

Panes believe exuding high levels of energy brings about great things. He says, “Energy moves the Earth”. Based on Panes’ social media, it is not hard to see the great amount of energy he possesses. It is infectious to say the least. Panes are constantly pumped, fueling his non-stop hustle to the top. But it is not just about having energy, but also putting that energy in the right places. If you want to build a billion-dollar business, you must, “shut down the world around you and push forward with an unstoppable force”, (Panes).


Panes promote “The Howie Method”, along with other inspiring content on his Instagram. These great words of wisdom represent who he is as a business mogul and how he has successfully reached the point he is at today. Howard Panes IS, “The Howie Method”.

Health. Originality. Work. Innovation. Energy.

We challenge you to give it a try.

Arash Derakhshan is a brand marketing and development leader with an exhibited record of working in the brand growth, public relations/communications and market research industry. Skilled in Marketing Development, Competitive Intelligence, and Communication.