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6 Figures at 16: How Binit Sinha Created a Sneaker Selling Empire



Binit Sinha

America’s sneaker obsession has proven to be a lucrative industry. Celebrities create billion-dollar partnerships with sneaker companies, creating new trends, and furthering America’s penchant for unique kicks.

Whether they’re unique, one-off sneakers, or mass-produced products, America seems to love a good pair of shoes. As fashions change, so does the way we buy and sell products, and this younger generation is taking advantage of this.

With more and more services and exchanges moving online, even the act of buying and selling a product is no longer done face to face. What has emerged from this trend is a fascinating group of young people who use their tech skills and entrepreneurial know-how to make a great living for themselves. From Instagram influencers to drop shipping aficionados, these young adults certainly know how to use today’s technology to their advantage.


A young entrepreneur

When Binit Sinha was just 14 years old, he began to notice that the people around him were buying and selling sneakers worth thousands of dollars. He noted that this was a great business opportunity, so he spent the next couple of months doing research.

At first, Binit wanted to resell sneakers as a way of accessing fashionable footwear for himself, but it quickly turned into much more than that. He realized that many people were willing to spend a lot of money on sneakers, and he took this opportunity to make it into a business.

Binit researched the art of drop shipping, which entails a person or company advertising products and only purchasing once the stock has been purchased, and the manufacturer sends it directly to the customer. This has become an excellent way for young entrepreneurs to get the ball rolling with little capital.

Binit was able to generate a good amount of sales through using multiple online platforms such as eBay, StockX, goat, and Instagram. Before long, he had set up a personal website that he used as another avenue to sell his sneakers. Although it was tricky to keep on top of logistics at first, he worked out a system that allowed him to track orders and post everything out on time.


A growing business

As time went by and Binit learned more about the world of sneakers, he started to gear his business towards wholesaling to certain clients as well as running his own website. He built up his network of connections and learned how to secure bulk quantities of sneakers that were high in demand.

As Binit widened his net, he had more and more sneaker stores contacting him whenever there was a new release. He was also the go-to seller if an online store needed a certain shoe that was hard to obtain. Binit’s consistently high-quality products and reliability meant that he had begun to develop a strong pool of returning customers. His company only progressed further, and now Binit is in the sneaker business full-time.


Binit’s company today

As Binit’s sales increase, so does his online following. Having just started his company’s Instagram account 13 weeks ago, Binit has amassed over 7,000 followers in that short time. His store, Binit’s Kicks is very successful these days, and he uses it to sell various lines of high-end merchandise.

As a youngster, Binit Sinha has shown incredible resourcefulness and diligence. It is quite unusual for someone so young to have cracked the code of how to sell products so successfully. At just 16 years of age, Binit supplies sneakers to clothing stores all throughout the country and makes over six figures a year.

It is exciting to think of what this young entrepreneur will do over the next few years, and he will undoubtedly continue to thrive as a businessperson. Be sure to follow Binit Sinha on Instagram @binitskicks to follow his journey.

Arash Derakhshan is a brand marketing and development leader with an exhibited record of working in the brand growth, public relations/communications and market research industry. Skilled in Marketing Development, Competitive Intelligence, and Communication.