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CannaSite: Cannabis Web and Marketing Firm Built Upon a Foundation of Trust Between Two Friends—Female Entrepreneurs Empowering Women



From relaxation and bonding with friends to advancing one’s health and operating successful businesses supported by a loyal customer base, the number of people enjoying the benefits of cannabis continues to grow each day.

An advocate for each of these things, Caron Cooper is also driven by one of the most powerful aspects of cannabis—inspiration.

And inspiration is what struck her in a big way while attending a 2018 cannabis conference in Seattle. Caron found plenty of passion among the exhibitors, but some of the vendor marketing felt a little “couch-locked.” The experience got Caron thinking and compelled her to embark on a new career that allowed her to harness her skills with a fresh perspective.

Caron enlisted her longtime friend and former Southern Methodist University classmate Reagan Hatch in a bold endeavor—the launch of The web design, digital marketing and business development firm supports cannabis startups, with an emphasis on supporting female entrepreneurs.

CannaSite offers:

Four manageable ways to launch a website in less than 30 days.
Training that allows clients to maintain and modify their website, and therefore save cash.
No required monthly fees after launch.
Prices that start at $500 for a website to more premium options with bells and whistles.
Options for the DIYers that include support from the CannaSite team.


Through CannaSite, Caron and Reagan are playing a pivotal role in a still-emerging, cutting edge-industry whose footprint on the global economy continues to expand.

And in the wake of establishing a strong entrepreneurial foothold, Caron and Reagan are smashing stereotypes surrounding a once-underground way of life that dates back more than a century in American history.

The path each took to partnering on CannaSite illustrates how remaining on the lookout for emerging trends, embracing change and maintaining an ability to think quick and pivot can pay off. The hard work and vision of these two entrepreneurs reveals how they haven’t settled for anything less than a fulfilling career with purpose.

The business philosophy that drives CannaSite is built upon trust. Caron and Reagan work to build trust with their clients, current and past, so current customers will hopefully become returning customers.

This foundation of trust springs from the faith that Caron, the CannaSite CEO and Creative Director, and Reagan, the firm’s Director of Business Development, have in each other.

Speaking of when she and Caron reconnected several years after graduating college, and began laying the groundwork for CannaSite, Reagan reflected on how the two women at that time had failed to find fulfillment in their careers.

“We started commiserating and catching up and that’s when this egg hatched,” Reagan said. “Being the impulsive person I am, instead of taking a week, or several days, or doing some deep soul searching, I knew I was very willing and excited to jump on the opportunity and take the risk.”

Caron graduated from SMU in Dallas with a Film/Radio/TV degree. Reagan received a degree in International Studies, with a minor in Spanish.

Their strong work ethic, which guided them through a range of jobs following college, can be traced in part back to each woman’s father. Caron’s dad ran two dime stores in Michigan. Reagan’s father owned an irrigation and water pump business that served West Texas farming communities.

After graduating from SMU in May 2001, Caron headed to Los Angeles to roll the dice on a career that would allow her to utilize her filmdegree.

But she arrived in Southern California on Sept. 4, 2001, a week before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Life as we knew it changed forever one week later, particularly with the economy, job market and media landscape covering the aftermath of the tragedies.

Caron worked for a couple of talent agencies, but the outlook was bleak and she headed back to Dallas, where she found employment and success with a production company.

Even back then, Caron was quick to pivot when the momentum of the current path stalled, and she next found herself in the newspaper industry. That’s where she launched her first foray into an emerging industry—graphic design and building websites. Caron shifted to a web design company before getting involved in operations, finance and human resource duties, talents she would later use at CannaSite.

That web development company did a lot of work for the automotive industry, and Caron’s skills expanded to include social and search engine marketing. Other marketing jobs in the automotive industry followed, but working for male-dominated companies in a male-dominated industry left something to be desired.

She and her husband moved their new family to Washington State—where tech was happening and cannabis was legal. Caron found herself at that cannabis conference and the rest, as they say, is history.

Reagan following graduation from SMU had hoped to use her degrees while indulging a passion for travel. But similarly, the shockwaves of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks upended her plans.

Reagan too worked a range of different jobs, allowing her to hone her account management, sales and networking skills. It was her position as a business development manager for an industrial fiberglass tank manufacturer focused on the water industry that first gave her a glimpse of the cannabis market. But like Caron, Reagan was generally uninspired in a male-dominated business in a male-dominated industry.

“That was right about the same time Caron moved to Washington,” Reagan said. “We were both at a crossroads and we were both looking for a new chapter, a new challenge, a new project, a new career in our lives for essentially the same reasons.

“We were ready to resign long before the great resignation, and instead build something that we are passionate about. We work on our own terms, and we’re building a company based on our values — kindness, respect, flexibility, honesty, transparency. We want to support women and make an impact — and here we are!”

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Fazy is a contributor at Kivo Daily and many more notable publications.