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Carson Spitzke: The PR Mastermind Behind Spitz Solutions’ Success



Carson Spitzke is the Founder and Managing Director of Spitz Solutions, a PR agency based in Calgary that helps increase revenue by controlling what potential clients see by obtaining coverage in major media outlets. As an expert in the field, Spitzke has built a reputation for turning entrepreneurs into thought leaders and nobodies into celebrities through his pay-on-completion public relations strategy.
Spitzke’s success in the industry is evident in his net worth, which ranges between $1-2 million dollars. With his vast experience and expertise in public relations, Spitzke has helped financial advisors get featured in top news outlets like Forbes, Fortune, AP News, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider. The agency’s branding strategy ensures that clients never have to worry about where their next client is coming from, as they leverage well-known third-party news sites to boost credibility.
One of Spitz Solutions’ unique selling points is its advanced lead generation system that ensures financial advisors’ skills are being seen by their target audience, leading to more discussions and clients. The system also optimizes clients’ online keyword prioritization to improve their online visibility and conversion rates.
As a result of Spitzke’s expert PR strategy, clients have reported improved SEO rankings, boosted conversion rates, increased inbound traffic, and instilled trust in non-referral leads. The agency has also helped shorten clients’ sales cycles and increased the trust prospective clients have in them.
To ensure clients get the best results, Spitz Solutions does its due diligence with each and every client to create the optimal PR roadmap and set the foundations of success. By setting realistic expectations and vice versa, both parties achieve the best results.
In conclusion, Carson Spitzke is a leading expert in the public relations industry and has helped numerous entrepreneurs and financial advisors become thought leaders through his pay-on-completion public relations strategy. With a net worth of $1-2 million dollars, he has built a reputation for delivering results and improving his clients’ revenue by leveraging major media outlets.

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