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Creative Entrepreneurship: Earn Money from Your Skill



Creative Entrepreneurship: Earn Money from Your Skill

Creative entrepreneurship has become the most interesting entrepreneurship. We can find many creative entrepreneurs in our life. Creative entrepreneurs use their knowledge and skill to earn money. In other words, the idea comes from ourselves.

Creative entrepreneurs must have good creativity. Find a new idea for their product or services. Then, make it different from other companies. For the content creators, make a new topic for their content. Without creativity in entrepreneurship, they are nothing.

In this article, we will tell you what creative entrepreneurship is. Then give you some idea of that business.

What is Creative Entrepreneurship?

Creative entrepreneurship is how they use their creativity to earn money. They can become a business owner or a freelancer. We can call it investing in ourselves. Because, we only use our skills and knowledge.

Many people like to create this type of entrepreneurship. Because, they can enjoy their work. It feels like doing a hobby. They do it in their free time. In other words, they can work without any pressure. They just do it because they like it and they can.

The profit of this kind of business depends on how skilled we are. Besides that, it depends on the quality of our product or service.

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Creative-Entrepreneurship Idea

There are many types of this entrepreneurship. If you want to create or start one of them, we will tell you some idea that you can use:

1. Handicrafts

Handicrafts have become the most famous choice. Many people sell their handicrafts at various prices. It depends on the size, material, how long it takes to make it, etc. More difficult, more expensive.

For example, homemade bags from batik, shoes, accessories, bucket, etc. Creativity and innovation are important to make a handicraft. Make your product different from another product.

2. Art and photography

Art and photography are a hobby. But who knows? We can earn money from that. Nowadays, social media has become important in our life. People need good photos to improve their followers.

For example, to promote a product, a company needs to make a good photo product or creative video. Another example, at weddings and birthday parties, they will always need it. Nowadays, there are also many street photographers that have become a trend.

3. Content Creator

A content creator is someone who makes creative content. It can be about anything. They do it to earn money. Like podcasters and Youtubers.

A podcast is an audio program. It has a topic, interviewer, and interviewee. A podcast have become a place to tell some problems, horror stories, etc. The podcast usually has an audio format. But nowadays, podcasts are also available on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform for watching videos. Many kinds of videos are available on YouTube. Vlog, tutorial, tips and tricks, etc. Besides that, becoming a Youtuber can earn money. For a beginner, they can earn 245.000 rupiahs for every 1000 viewers.

4. Graphic design

Graphic design is a skill and hobby. But nowadays, many people need graphic design. In business, work, school, etc. They need a graphic designer. They will design a brochure, poster, etc.

There are some people that offer design services. The profit depends on how many projects and how difficult it is.There are many creative entrepreneurship ideas. You can find it yourself. Your skill and knowledge can be a creative business. Besides that, you need creativity skills. So, keep learning and developing your skills. You will get more profit from it.

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Moch Akbar Azzihad M often called Abay (dailyabay) is a Entrepreneur, Designers & Influencer.