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How to become an entrepreneur. Tips from Dmitry Lyubimov, CEO of UNIQ Los Angeles.



Dmitry Lyubimov

Dmitry Lyubimov is the CEO of Uniq Los Angeles — a company that offers luxury yacht rental, private jet, and villa rental. Lyubimov is an entrepreneur who has overcome significant obstacles in life and business to build a successful company. Lyubimov holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCLA. This is an interview with Lyubimov on how to become a successful entrepreneur.


What can you advise those who have started nothing yet, but feel that they are capable of something more?

Firstly, the fact that they feel that they are capable of something more is already a huge plus, because many do not even think about it. Having an idea is one thing, but having the confidence in yourself to believe you’re capable of bringing that idea to life is the foundation of a successful entrepreneur. Believe in yourself above all else. Also, if you are capable of something more, write your ideas down and see where that takes you. What more can you do? What do you want to do? This is your choice, so it’s important to work out a solid plan before taking action.


Where do I begin with picking an area and analyzing if it’s correct?

Second, choose several categories that will ignite, that is kindled in you the desire to do this. Therefore, it’s important to choose several categories that spark a unique desire to succeed — things you are passionate about and can stay motivated with. When you pick the category, make sure it’s the one you see the most potential in. People create businesses every day, putting in substantial amounts of time and effort. That’s why it’s important to ensure your idea is worth the effort and that there’s a clear path toward success. Analyze these categories and choose the one in which you see more potential. There are a number of businesses, you can open a hair salon, for example, a restaurant or online store, and any of those businesses will take a huge amount of time to achieve first results, but the expected profit can vary greatly. Therefore, before wasting your time, choose the direction in which there is potential for growth.


How do you overcome intimidation?

Fourth, don’t be intimidated to learn something new. Most of us only imagine business models that they see and can feel. For example, a car wash, spa salon, etc., but none of us were born the owner of an online store. And naturally, you need to delve into this and study. And everything will become real. But don’t let that fear drive you off course or come in the way of success. Understand and acknowledge that if it were easy, everyone would do it. The difficulties are what make the venture worth it. Take advantage of this form of motivation to push past any self-imposed obstacles.


Do you have any other advice for entrepreneurs starting out?

Try, try, and try again. If you fail, don’t give up. This is when you should work even harder toward your ultimate goal. The second you begin to accept failure or believe that you cannot do it is when you set yourself up for failure.

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