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Ed Latimore on Sober Living and How It Changed His Life



Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a business owner and best selling Amazon Author who has overcome many obstacles in his life that made him the man he is today. Ed made the decision to start his own business right after he lost his first professional boxing fight. He realized that he needed to make enough money to support himself while simultaneously finishing school. Ed describes this experience with “Due to the fact that no one would hire me in a part-time capacity at a wage I needed to survive, I figured that I needed to become self-employed if I wanted any chance at achieving my goals.” However, things were not always like this for Ed, he went through a lot in each chapter of his life that shaped him into the person he is today. 

In the second big chapter of Ed’s life, he slowly started to realize how bad the first chapter was which weighed heavily on him. Until he was 14, Ed lived in the projects and went to school with other people from the same environment. When he got to high school, for the first time he was around people who came from different backgrounds and lifestyles. It was there that he met his best friends and was exposed to people whose kindness would change his life forever. 

When Ed Latimore graduated from high school, that was the point in his life where problems started to show and he was almost consumed by the dark side of his personality. He became resentful towards his mom for the life he had growing up. This resentment led to a lot of problems with alcohol. Ed’s behaviors led to him constantly being broke, with the exception of his amateur boxing career, and making no positive progress in his life. Ed felt as if he was going backward in many ways. His drinking and behavior were costing him both jobs and relationships. 

The major lesson that Ed Latimore learned from going through this chapter in his life was that you can only count on yourself to turn things around. He felt as though no one will come to save you, so you have to save yourself. He brings attention to the fact that it isn’t selfish, it is just part of life. “Rather than being punished by it, I chose to use it to my advantage.” This realization and lesson that Ed learned only brought him onto the next chapter of his life, where he would grow even more. 

2013 was the year that it all started for Ed and he made the decision to turn his life around and get on the right path. On January 4th, Ed enlisted in the military so he could start building employable skills and get money for college. On January 26th, he had his professional boxing debut which was a big accomplishment for Ed.  A few months later on June 4th, he shipped out to basic training which got him away from alcohol for 5 months and led him to make the decision to become sober on December 23rd, 2013! He took another positive step when he took his first college class in January 2014. 

Making those changes and holding himself accountable wasn’t easy, but by 2018 he graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Physics and learned how to make a 6-figure income on the internet. During this time Ed Latimore worked towards self-publishing his first book. Ed went from a kid who struggled with mathematics in high school to a private tutor helping high schoolers prepare for AP Physics and Calculus exams. The biggest lesson Ed learned from this chapter in his life was “The most powerful belief you can have is that given enough time, you can learn anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Hiroshima was wiped out in seconds.” 

Ed Latimore’s life is an example of what happens when you don’t accept the limitations that are placed on you. He was born with nearly every conceivable disadvantage- black, poor, living in public housing, single mom- and through all of this he has had many great accomplishments in his life. Grit and determination are what gave Ed the drive to accomplish all of his goals. To follow along with Ed Latimore’s journey, click here.