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From passion to profession – here’s how Yung Versace became a top digital marketing professional



Optimizing websites, driving traffic, boosting sales- all of this may sound like difficult work for those who aren’t well-versed in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce. Yet, Yung Versace is a professional who has mastered the above, and more!

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Versace discovered his passion for the world of e-commerce and digital marketing when he was a youngster in college. As a freshly turned adult, YV was on the lookout for a passion that could be carried on as a means of livelihood. That is when it struck him that digital marketing would be a perfect choice. But this doesn’t mean that the path was without challenges. One of the biggest obstacles along the way for YV was maintaining a proper work-life balance. In the end, he decided to work hard at his business to ensure its success, and after a while, everything else fell into place on its own. 

Behind every successful individual is a motive that keeps them going, even when subjected to bad days and terrible financial losses. “The driving force behind my accomplishments has been my passion and dedication to helping businesses succeed. I am passionate about digital marketing and e-commerce, and I believe in the power of these strategies to help businesses reach their goals. I have also been driven by my desire to create something meaningful and to make a positive impact in the lives of my clients.”, Versace admits. 

To date, Yung Versace has been able to make good on his promises and has reached several milestones which are quite admirable for his young age. One incident that must be mentioned is when Versace helped a business reach a 700% increase in website sales in just two months! While a great accomplishment in itself, it is testimony to the amount of effort YV puts into every task he embarks upon, making sure to tweak his strategies so that they fit the business model at hand. 

While YV may be considered one of the best by others in the industry, he continues to be humble about his achievements and instead admits that he still has a very long way to go. In the years to come, Yung Versace wants to be known for his excellence in every project he picks up and hopes to be an inspiration to all those who wish to get started on their journeys to success.

I am Aidan, a columnist of KivoDaily. I write about business, celebrities, entertainment and online marketing.