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Good Habits and Proper Stress Management – The key to this Digital Marketing Entrepreneur’s Success.



Abdelkader Bachr is a 23-year-old digital marketing expert who has helped numerous firms achieve success in their marketing campaign. His techniques have proven effective in the growth of businesses and the increase in their profitability.

This however doesn’t mean that the entrepreneurial journey for him so far has been rosy. Bachr in his efforts to forge ahead has dealt with various obstacles and handled varying amounts of stress and anxiety.  

In the world of business, the pressure poses a problem and can sometimes be overwhelming especially for newbies who have never dealt with stress and anxiety at those levels before. 

For this reason alone, numerous entrepreneurs abandon their startups after a year of failing to handle their failures. When the mind begins to burn out from mental exhaustion, it translates to the body and leads to physical exhaustion. It is at this point that stress takes over and limitations to the capacity at which one can function are limited.  

Dealing with Tension

Over time, Bachr has taught himself how to handle situations that are stressful. He has also learned how to navigate these situations in a way that would prevent the limitation of his capacity for greatness. All Bachr does is focus head-on on his biggest challenges per time and how to resolve and overcome them. 

Many people focus on too many problems at once and this leads to them wearing out. The best practice is to focus on one problem at a time. The moment a problem is solved, another problem can be moved on too and resolved until all existent problems are dealt with. 

When expressing further in an interview how to handle stress and tension, he stated the following “If things get too overwhelming in life, I recommend taking a break from your troubles by engaging in something relaxing or satisfying” He then went on to relay how he winds down “For me, I like to travel, meditate, and exercise as a way to escape my stress for a while. You’d be amazed at how much better you will feel afterward.”

Of course in achieving success in business, it takes a whole lot more than just relieving stress. Bachr pointed out that he wouldn’t have been successful if he wasn’t determined. 

Always being a passionate person as regards digital marketing, he knew he could draw up a plan and thrive as a profitable business model and even when things got tough on the way, he didn’t abandon ship, he kept going and that was the most important lesson from his entrepreneurship journey. 

Tips for Success

No matter how tough things get, do not give up on your goals,” and “If you have to find a mentor who can guide you through times of difficulty and uncertainty, then do it” were a few of the things Bachr said when he offered his advice. 

A mentor is a person who has been down the path you’re towing and has achieved great success – someone that can help guide you to your goal. Mentors are really important because they can provide you with needed optimism and enthusiasm to keep you away from considering giving up.

Every entrepreneur has an end goal in mind before embarking on any journey. Things will always try to halt their journey to these goals and these things are obstacles. All entrepreneurs have dealt with it and the manner in which you surmount these obstacles can easily dictate the level of success you attain. 

Never let them get the best of you. If you allow these obstacles the upper hand then you have failed but if you keep on moving and fighting the good fight, you will overcome it in the end. If Bachr didn’t possess this mind-set, he probably would never have risen from his small beginning to the point where he is now – the 23-year-old millionaire.  

Advice for People Seeking Growth in Different Areas of Their Life 

In light of this topic, Bachr pointed out that before embarking on the growth journey, there are a few things that should be put into consideration. First of all, he pointed out the need for a mentor. 

It is important to find someone with a proven track record of helping newcomers with the attaining of success in a particular niche. Once a mentor has been found the next step is to understudy, learn from, and emulate them.

Next, he outlined the importance of networking. A lot of people undermine the power of a solid network in today’s world and they don’t realize how important it is. He stated that it is really important to build relationships with clients and partners because this action can lead to more clients and vital referrals.

 Bachr then finally mentioned determination as a requirement for growth. In the accomplishment of goals, your focus should stay fixed on your goals and no matter how tough things get, giving up should never be an option.