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How Entrepreneur Sal Jobe Brokered a 6.5-Million Deal



Sal Jobe

Sal Jobe is a name that seems to be spoken about a lot these days, the London born actor turned sports agent seems to be heavily invested in the world of football and boxing.

Jobe’s extraordinary work as an actor as well as a sports agent has been inspiring to many it has not only helped him to build great success but also to build a powerful network in a variety of industries.

Since a young age, he has been a sports enthusiast indulging in athletics and football between the age of 12- 19 he played for mang semi-professional and professional clubs in the latter before making the transition over to the world of acting.

In 2018 Sal Jobe brought Big Baby Miller to the UK and through doing so aligned him with Wasserman, it was allegedly during this venture that Sal Jobe was collectively able to get Miller the opportunity to fight Anthony Joshua for the WBO WBA IBO and IBF titles, this was also Miller’s highest purse to date.

At a London TV event, Jobe stated “we had to have a Route for Miller and of course being an unbeaten heavyweight helps to sell fights, but the key was through PR and selling the idea of a grudge between the two” Jobe explains the stunt of Miller pushing Joshua at the media event was the pinnacle in starting discussions and looking to make the fight a reality. That’s exactly what they did and managed to get Miller a career-high purse of 6.5 million to fight Joshua, signed and sealed.

It’s indeed a skill and quite remarkable that Jobe was able to do this within just 6 – 9 months of working with Miller. Jobe has since gone on to work with other fighters via full management advisory services and commercial management.

Jobe has been seen working with Daniel Dubois, a 22 year old boxing phenomenon, with an unbeaten record and spectacular knockout ratio, Jobe mentions that it’s not always about getting a promotional deal for fighters and that his new venture involves investing in fighters so they can be independent, he states that boxing is a savage world and fighters enter the ring to destroy their opponent and then shake hands after but most Importantly take home a sizeable purse and a clean record with no losses, Jobe has been named entrepreneur of the year by Forbes in his category, clearly working alongside some of the biggest agencies in the world like Wasserman Media Group and First Access Entertainment has helped Jobe to grasp the dynamics of each industry and apply his skills effectively, Sal Jobe also highlights how Instagram has been instrumental in finding great young talent like 17 year old prodigy Ashton Sylve based in long beach California, trained by his father Ivan Sylve. his Instagram account @isthatsal displays an array of celebs from actors to footballers and boxers that’s Jobe has worked with and works on a day to day basis, in Jobe’s last instagram video featured on sports bible he mentions how old fashioned agents prefer to stick to the scouting system to find talent but 4 out of 5 of Jobes last signings has been via spotting them on Instagram. Jobe says he may one day return to acting once he’s satisfied with his achievements in the sports world.

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