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How Mike Hammontree went from becoming a social media influencer to the kingmaker of digital platforms through his creativity



If we go back a couple of years, Vine was the most favorite app among the youth. Every other teen and young adult has Vine downloaded into their phones. It was one of the most downloaded apps among people in the year 2013. Many people have kick-started their initial years of careers from there; sadly, just like every other good thing, Vine has to shut down its functions. Many people were affected by it because there was nostalgia attached to it.

More than nostalgia, there were vast fans of numerous people. Vine was popular for its short videos, where you can sing, play or joke around. Mike Hammontree was one of them who used his unique sense of humor to entertain 300,000 Vine followers and YouTube users after Vine was shut down. Mike built a social media or influencer marketing agency. This helps its client become the king of social media through the services they provide to its clients.

Mike Hammontree

Mike Hammontree is the President of Slay Marketing, a full-service social media advertising and influencer management agency servicing diverse brands from startups to Fortune 500 clients.

According to Mike, “The idea kind of started when I was discussing with a partner of mine while working on another project together. We had discussed taking a company to Iceland to create content for them, and then we later decided why not do that full time!”

The reason is that Mike knew the pulse of social media and how it affects a person’s career growth as he does lots and lots of planning on every detail from the itinerary to flights to make the clients become the next big thing.

As he has a content creation background, Mike loves trends because they are just another chance to grow. Though everything wasn’t so easy for him, after the Vine shut down, Mike went to start his first media business.

“My first business failed initially because we didn’t get all the logistics set. We rushed into it. We overcame this by reevaluating every single aspect of our company before continuing, which is one thing some people are afraid of. They don’t want to stop and take a step back because they are worried about losing productivity, but at some point, you have to take a step backward to leap forward.”

But he didn’t stop them, and he worked even more complexly through Persistence and built his business again from scratch.

Work Style

Mike believes that one should never give up on their dreams regardless of how far-fetched they are; one can achieve those dreams through Persistence, as mentioned before. This will lead you to think out and plan for every situation while simultaneously enjoying the process. He believes in networking

“Networking. Network wherever you are. For example, on my last flight to Vegas, I met another man with a business in Las Vegas, and I had just started talking with him. We talked about business; now, he is a big client for our drone work. Talk to anyone, and you’ll find that your time is much better spent doing that versus sending emails or equivalent.”

He uses Adobe Suite/Premiere Pro/Photoshop to create and make better content.Now, Mike was associated with other social media content creators like Tanner Braungardt, Zeyad Zoromba, PashaTheBoss (Pasha Petkuns), Corey Scherer, Risk House, Alpha House, Brighton Sharbino, and Sawyer Sharbino.

Successful Ventures

Over the years, Mike has made Digital commercials for Amazon, Brand campaigns for Boohoo, IPSY, FabFitFun, Sony Music, Capital Music Group, and more. He also helped achieve 2x Platinum status for ‘Throat Baby,’ for which he received a plaque. + many more songs he brought platinum and 2x platinum status to in the USA.

I am Brett, a young entrepreneur and author of Kivodaily. I also writes for Usawire, The Weekly Trends and other publications.