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How William Rivera’s Ecom Degree Creates Successful Entrepreneurs in a Pandemic



How William Rivera’s Ecom Degree Creates Successful Entrepreneurs in a Pandemic

The internet makes it possible to make money at any hour of the day and night without having any contact (physical or digital) with another person, so it’s no wonder so many people are turning to online business in the time of the pandemic to replace an income stream they’ve lost, or simply to use their time constructively to create something they’ve only been able to dream of previously.

Of course, entrepreneurs have been making the most of online opportunities for decades now, and after cracking the code to online ecommerce success, entrepreneur William Rivera has decided to share his vast knowledge with others.

Thus far, his online school Ecom Degree University has helped over 700 students leave behind their old lives and start working passionately toward something new. After achieving incredible success online, including $350,000 in just 25 days, Rivera is giving his students significant success.

Inside Ecom Degree University, you can expect to learn how to sell everyday items on Amazon for a profit. The best thing about selling on Amazon compared to any other type of business model out there is that it is extremely beginner-friendly to anyone getting started and requires no technical skills in order to be successful and profitable.

The e-commerce genius showed us the results his students are producing each and every day. Afterwards, he showed us who these people were, and to our surprise, each and every one of them are ordinary people you’d meet on the street. This raised the big question in our heads,

“How are these ordinary people getting extraordinary results from the program, especially during this strange time?”

Rivera explained to us that it has everything to do with COVID 19 and how it affects the supply and demand scale for everyday items.

The explanation was short and simple:

Because people are staying at home more, they are shopping online more than ever before.

Because more people are shopping online, people are willing to pay more for convenience (getting their package at the door rather than going out to the physical store).

Prices on certain items are much higher online than they are in store from this huge sudden demand.

Because prices are higher online, his profit margins on items are extremely higher than usual. Once he discovered this, he immediately started teaching his students his methods for finding the best products with the best profit margins.


What is Ecom Degree University?

Ecom Degree University is the online school Rivera is using to share his knowledge with his students. Ecom Degree University offers step-by-step guidance on which sales strategies to use and detailed training on how to sell products on Amazon, from finding the best products, to scaling up, the tools and software you need, and how to build relationships with suppliers who will help you find profitable products.

Even in such a difficult time as the coronavirus pandemic, students are finding significant success by following each of the steps and taking full advantage of the community through a private Facebook group and live Q&A sessions with coaches.


What do you need to qualify?

Best of all, the course accepts anyone; you don’t need to have run your own business before, tried ecommerce before, know anything about sourcing products, or even building a store!

All you need is access to a computer, and you’re all set. All that’s required of these young entrepreneurs is a willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.


Setting people up for success

Regardless of how you learn, Rivera has set up this course so that you can thrive. Whether you benefit most from detailed, step-by-step training or ad hoc question and answer sessions with mentors, this course will help you to develop as a businessperson.

You will join a tightly-knit community of fellow entrepreneurs who maintain regular contact with each other, sharing motivational content and updating each other on their latest success stories.

Rivera accredits his success thus far to his insatiable desire to succeed, his drive to provide for his family and his winning mindset, and if you can bring the same to the table, you will succeed too.

On his social media, Rivera urges his followers to consider their reasons for wanting to join him in the field of entrepreneurship. He refers to these reasons as “Your Whys”. He believes (as do many other incredibly successful people) that if we don’t know what drives us and what our purpose is, then we have less motivation to change and improve our lives. He notes that once we have established our “Whys”, that drive does not dwindle, and you maintain the mental clarity of knowing why you work so hard every day.

E-commerce is a fantastic way to stay independent and choose your own work pace and flow. It’s the perfect career path for those who are able to stay motivated by themselves and always keep the big picture in mind. If done right, this career could take you to incredible places.

If you’re interested in joining the Ecom Degree community, or simply want to find out more and see what’s possible for you, you can find Ecom Degree University here, you can also check out student results and testimonials, or head to Instagram @ecomdegreeuniversity to follow them there and see more of their student testimonials.

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