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How Simon Lerner Is Inspiring The Next Generation Of Leaders With Netcon



In a generation where less than 40 percent of college graduates are actually using their degree, it is becoming more and more popular for high school graduates to pursue a different form of secondary education. In fact, according to a new study by Millennial Branding and, 72% of high school students want to start their own business someday, and 61% percent expect to start a business right out of college.


So, with such staggering statistics highlighting the goals and ambitions of our next generation of leaders, why isn’t traditional education pivoting to help educate these ambitious millennials on how to succeed in a rapidly changing world? 


Simply put, it’s not profitable. The economy couldn’t function without minimum wage workers, and if 70% of high school graduates had their own company, there would be a job crisis like no other. So, they don’t make it easy for students to learn how to succeed on their own, but rather teach them how to become a valuable worker for another company.


But, where one may see a problem, another see’s an opportunity to offer up a solution. Our next generation of leaders needed a better option than traditional education, and Simon Lerner delivered just that with his platform, NetCon.


  • Netcon, founded in 2019, Is a platform designed to unite entrepreneurs and provide them with in-person and digital resources to learn about business acumen and entrepreneurship. Netcon hosts virtual and in person events, has educational programs, and offers a vast community for like-minded individuals to connect and support one another. 


  • Netcon has rapidly grown through hosting multiple in-person events with over 300+ attendees, with some of the biggest names in the online entrepreneurship space, such as Dan Fleyshman, Jason Capital, Jeff Sekinger & many more. 


  • NetCon strives to be a pioneer in the online-education space. In the words of CEO & Founder Simon Lerner; “NetCon’s mission is to reform the education system by providing people with access to tangible material and resources that are valuable in today’s marketplace”.


“There are several problems entrepreneurs face when trying to get their business off the ground. Perhaps the most important aspect being a lack of proper education” said Simon Lerner. “Most people giving advice online on how to start a business are simply not credible, nor have any tangible or practical experience on how to scale a company. Instead, they have pictures driving Lamborghini’s and taking luxurious trips, showcasing a false lifestyle and creating an illusion to prey on the people just getting started” He followed.


With industry leaders like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone, it can be intimidating to get started in the entrepreneurship journey. How does one go from no source of income to traveling the world in private jets, making millions off educational programs? This is what has come of the educational landscape for entrepreneurs, and it has resulted in many being scammed, misled and confused. Netcon has done a tremendous job at vetting all their educational leaders, and making sure that all the content they put out is clear, concise, and can be implemented by anyone to help them grow.


What people need is a community of individuals, pursuing the best versions of themselves and focusing on becoming 1% better everyday. That is the only way you grow. 


Companies like Netcon are needed now more than ever. We must give our next generation of leaders hope, opportunity and a community that helps them flourish, after all, they’re our future. 


About Netcon

Founded in 2019, Netcon is an educational company based out of Tampa Fl that aims to connect entrepreneurs from all over the world through in-person and virtual events. NetCon’s goal is to connect industry leaders with everyday entrepreneurs and business owners to equip their community with all the skills and information necessary to succeed in business.


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