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Kansaltancy Ventures Is Promoting Sustainable Development Goals



Businesses are taking a more sustainable approach and integrating their business strategies with the environment. Until recently, we have seen businesses violate environmental standards, causing significant harm to the planet, but thankfully, they have recognized the effect and are fixing all that has gone wrong.

Kansaltancy Ventures, which promotes sustainable development goals, is one name that cannot be overlooked in this matter. TusharKansal founded Kansaltancy Ventures because he is a professional “Thought Leader” & “Thought Influencer” and a specialist in Finance, owing to his Executive Education in Leadership from Harvard Business School and an MBA in Finance from the University of Delhi.

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Kansaltancy Ventures is a global corporation founded on the Startup movement’s guiding principles of diversity and inclusiveness. It also assists several outstanding organizations in the sphere of impact, therefore advancing UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) such as environmental preservation, women’s engagement, and corporate governance compliances. These are the central themes for the success of any firm, and Tushar is teaching them through his business.Kansaltancy Ventures accelerates change-makers ideas through Venture Capital, Angel Investment, and Strategic Services. Its network, domain specialization, and funding from global VC/investor contacts are supporting expansion across global tech and non-tech sectors. The major network of the company includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and India. If you own a startup and it is not performing as expected, Kansaltancy can assist you in reaching new heights of success.

Tushar was named “Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management” at the “Asian African Business Summit” in 2021, hosted by the “Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.” Business Connect magazine named him “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022” in 2022. Furthermore, his company was awarded “Best Startup Supporter” at the “IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022” by the “All India Council for Robotics & Automation – AICRA by Dr. Kiran Bedi, India’s first female IPS and Governor of Puducherry.


TusharKansal’s Blog ‘Indus Churning’ (on Nationalism, Corporates and Spirituality) had hit the mark of 2.6 million in 2013-14. However, hackers corrupted the blog, which unfortunately led to the crashing of his website which never recovered.

He is a star invitee at Global Marquee Institutions, Corporates firms, and Universities to give lectures on Life challenges and creating everlasting Business Models with unbeatable moats.

Top International Business Associations, Corporates and Marquee Educational institutions invite and request TusharKansal to give a talk at their platforms and address their members. A search of his name on Google and YouTube throws up hundreds of videos of his work as a motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Financial wizard. His mastery covers all areas of Finance, Entrepreneurship and Global Economy


TusharKansal is a Mentor and Judge of Startup pitch events at Entrepreneurship cells of top Academic Institutions – the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kharagpur, Kanpur and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM). He has expertise in Financial & Business advisory, Fundraising & creation of docs/ collaterals for VC Funding.

Leading business news channels and publications like CNN-News18, VCTV (Venture Capital Tv), Business World, Business & Economy, Qrius, and Digital Market Asia have also sought out his expert advice. He has done more than 200 webinars, many videos can be found on YouTube and the Company’s website

His Podcast on Business titled “Right! By TusharKansal” in under Beta phase

Making Global Changes

Tushar is a renowned businessman whose efforts are bringing about worldwide transformation. He is a full family guy with a diverse skill set that he puts to good use. Tushar believes that creating human relationships is one of the most crucial aspects of success. When you have strong personal and professional ties, you will never be stranded in a problem because you will have people to help you out. He says,”I have always been a Team player and helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. Each person who came to me with his or her dream got amazing advice and support from me, no matter what was the requirement! I have great experience in top companies and currently, my company – Kansaltancy Ventures, is a premier company in the Venture Capital space – helping new-age Startups and growth-stage companies in a variety of ways.”

He is a great motivation for those who are just starting out in business and need a role model to look up to. He has demonstrated through his hard work and devotion that everything is possible if you put your heart into it. Allow Kansaltancy to assist you in bringing on the sustainable change by effectively aligning your business with it.

Shawn is an France based Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Investor and Digital Marketing Mentor. He is regular contributor of Kivodaily.