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Learn About The Academic Value Of Art



We’ve seen art take numerous forms and transition from old to new over the years, embracing all of the changes. People loved staring at the paintings because it calmed them down, and it became one of the hobbies of true art fans. Initially, art had little to do with academia since it was one of the things that it had nothing to do with because there was little to no relationship between the two areas. Each painting has many shapes, such as hyperbola, parabola, squares, circles, and others that are combined in such a way that understanding what it represents requires patience. But have you ever wondered who is the brain behind this, who has truly blended both areas and given the world something new and better? Continue reading to find out the answer and bless yourself with the best.

Inclusion Of Geometry Intothe Art World

Most people would agree that geometry is a lovely discipline because of all of the things it can teach about shapes and patterns. People appreciate looking at a new pattern, whether it is in their houses, clothes, or even phone wallpaper, since it allows them to see how much they can experiment with the lines to create a spectacular design. However, no one ever considered incorporating technology into their art creations because doing so required a high level of knowledge and command in both disciplines. This was when Clifford Singer made his entrance with his wonderful painting, and everyone saw that geometry and art had a lot of promise together.

Clifford Singer. Logarithmic Painting. 1973. Acrylic on shaped Canvas. 48 x 48 inches.


Everything You Need To Know About Clifford Singer

Singer is a polymath and modern master of geometrical art who has created paintings, sculptures, prints, and front covers inspired by geometric exploration and command over the topic. He has always liked making art and has spent over 45 years of his life doing it. Moreover,he was also interested in teaching math and art since he enjoys arithmetic, and he did so for 25 years. Despite this, he had the brilliant notion of combining the two and providing the world with a fresh perspective on art.Because he is a fast adapter which changes his paintings with the times, his artwork evolved from old to contemporary as time passed. He began in 1973, but 45 years later, his art has gone through several phases and has been the finest in its period.

No other artist has ever followed his one-of-a-kind method of combining academia with art, which is what distinguishes his creations. His ways of thinking as an artist with regard to the latitude of his geometrical art across decades and its effect on a world vision for Geometric Abstraction, Constructivist Art, Concrete Art, and Mathematical art. Being smart and creative at the same time can work wonders for you, but you must also think beyond the norm. You can find his wonderful art pieces by searching his name, as he is the pioneer of geometric art.

Clifford Singer. Conchiform. 2000-2021. Acrylic on Canvas. 72 x 77 inches.

Website: www.CliffordSinger.Net

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