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How Leadbird Books Thousands of Sales Meetings




Businesses using email outreach to find new customers often struggle to be noticed among the thousands of messages companies receive each day, but lead generation agency Leadbird helps its clients break through and secure first-class meetings with Fortune 500 leaders.

Leadbird, a Dallas-based lead generation agency, uses unique software to create hyper-personalized cold emails for businesses to capture the attention of potential B2B customers. The company has launched thousands of outbound campaigns that have generated thousands of appointments for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Cargill.

In addition to its effective lead generation services, Leadbird provides exceptional customer support. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who works closely with them to develop personalized email campaigns that are most likely to succeed. This level of personalized support has helped Leadbird build a loyal customer base, with over 50 active clients and 5,000 users in its software system.

Leadbird’s success has been recognized by industry experts. The company was named a top B2B lead generation agency by Clutch and has received positive reviews from satisfied clients. This prompted the company to review its own technology infrastructure, which led to the development of four other software solutions that enhance clients’ B2B outreach emails: Inboxy, Quicklines, Scrubby, and Emy.

Inboxy is a unique browser-based email “warm-up” solution that helps Leadbird’s clients to boost their reputations and keep their messages out of recipient’s spam folders. It prevents emails from hitting spam, replies to warm-up emails on clients’ behalf, and scrolls, clicks and stars emails that require further attention.

Quicklines helps to create hyper-personalized outreach emails to potential customers. For example, it can identify something notable a company or one of its leaders has done recently, or something a B2B customer could improve, and craft an email introduction with this information. Abraham notes that Quicklines generated a 150% increase in responses to Leadbird’s own emails.

Scrubby verifies customer lead lists in real-time, unlike most existing email verification tools that are unreliable. EMY is an email platform that can rotate domains and automate response handling.

“Our software solutions are designed to help businesses get noticed by potential B2B customers and secure first-class meetings with Fortune 500 leaders,” says Abraham. “We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their efforts to build beneficial B2B relationships.

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