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Local Eyelid Surgical Success Has Grown Into an International Reputation for Dr. Michael Connor



Following widespread success in the south Florida region for his oculoplastic and eyelid surgery practice, Oculoplastic & Orbital Consultants, Dr. Michael Connor has his sights set on expanding his international reputation in 2021. Due to commitment, patience, and years of experience refining and perfecting his craft, Dr. Connor is ready to share his skills and expertise surrounding his niche type of surgery with patients from all over the world.

Already earning a reputation globally for his specialty work on the look and function of the eyelids and surrounding areas, Dr. Connor is known as a leader in the cosmetic industry when it comes to rejuvenating the mid and upper face. He has performed thousands of eyelid procedures on patients every year from several different countries, working specifically with cosmetic upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, as well as cosmetic brow lifting.

What is his ultimate endgame? To share his eye for the eye with his clients as they walk away with a natural, refreshed look due to his individual approach and attention to detail.

“Our presentation and overall self-confidence are rooted in our appearance, whether we want to admit it or not,” said Dr. Connor. “That’s what inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others look and feel their best. The eyes are the focal point of the face. A simple procedure with minimal downtime can be done to enhance the appearance of the eyes and remove the tired, aged, and angry look while maintaining your own personal features.”


A New Start for All

Beyond providing comprehensive eyelid surgery services, Dr. Connor also works to repair botched eyelid surgeries that have gone wrong with other doctors. He understands that living with an eyelid complication can be worse than no surgery at all, causing individuals to lose confidence and self-esteem over time. Eyelid complications can also affect vision and ocular health. 

Additionally, Dr. Connor works with injectables, including neurotoxins and dermal fillers for people who are not a candidate for surgery. By reviewing the natural lines and contours of the face, Dr. Connor explores the subtleties of each presentation to help augment the natural beauty that is already there.

“Many times, people are nervous that surgery or injectables will dramatically change one’s overall appearance because they’ve seen a friend’s or a celebrity’s obvious and sometimes unnatural transformation,” said Dr. Connor. “Every person presents with their own natural beauty and unique presentation. Genetics and birthdays have led to changes in and around the eyes. We are just here to help clients uncover the beauty they once had in a subtle way so they can feel good in the skin they’re in.”

Dr. Connor’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the industry has also led to the creation of Scarology, which has become an at-home scar therapy sold and distributed around the world. His creation is showing people it is possible to administer a new kind of scar therapy, right from the comfort of home. In a world now defined by remote work and staying at home for the majority of the day, who has the time for a trip to a doctor to treat a scar. Scarology is undoubtedly the future of scar therapy. 

As Dr. Connor likes to say about his clinic, “we have created the team that physicians turn to when they or their loved ones need eyelid surgery.” Recognized as a true expert in the field of cosmetic eyelid surgery, Dr. Connor has personally invested himself into every step of the journey, and plans to do even more in 2021.

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