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How To Make Stickers At Home? Beginners’ Guide



Stickers are the best way to add a sparkle to anything and everything. You can stick them to your laptop, phone cover, refrigerator, water bottle, car, et cetera, and it is a great way to draw attention to anything you want to. Besides their personal use, making and selling them is a fantastic way to start a lucrative business, as customers will always be ready to buy them. According to recent stats, they are one of the most demanding products on online platforms.

As their demand is increasing, more entrepreneurs are taking a step to start their sticker business on the internet. So, you can also get started as a side hustle and later convert it into a full-time business, but first, you need to know the procedure to make it at home. Hence, this is what we will discuss in this post and get you accompanied with the effortless ways to make it at home.


How To Make Stickers At Home? Beginners’ Guide

Here is a detailed guide consisting of descriptive steps that will tell you what it takes and the procedure to make stickers at home.

Types Of Printable Sticker Paper

If you want your products to make great sales, they should be high-quality and look professional. Therefore, investing in the printable paper is a must, but there are various types of sheets. Hence, buy the correct one that goes perfectly with your printer and designs. Let’s dive into the four basic types best for this case.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is the mother of all the types of paper used in this case because of its universal use and high price. Printable vinyl is generally waterproof, but the inkjet within your printer machine at home might not be water-resistant. It is thick, high-quality and the most reliable of all types. Furthermore, as a Canadian, you can start your custom vinyl stickers Canada business in your country using this type of sheet.

  • Matte

Matte is the opposite of the Vinyl type, and we will not recommend you if you want your products to be top quality. However, if you need a super economical option, go for it. We don’t recommend it because it acts like an ink-absorbent sponge, and, as a result, the image fades. Your desired excellent design will never turn out the way it should with Matte paper.

  • Glossy

Unlike the Matte, which absorbs all the ink, Glossy paper lets the ink sit on top of it, leaving the products to look clear, bright, and vibrant. It comes in white and non-see-through material and is 100% transparent. Secondly, it is water resistant, but that doesn’t mean it is waterproof.

  • Holographic

The holographic option is certainly recently welcomed in this industry. It is solid and water-resistant for inkjet and laser jet printers. If you have any graphic design in mind, use holographic paper to transform it into your trendy products. It is best for black and monocolored tones. If you want to start custom stickers Canada based business, invest in this decal to make spectacular products and amaze your Canadian clients.

How To Waterproof Your Sticker?

If you want to waterproof your products, the first step is to use waterproof paper. However, at times, the decal can be waterproof, but the ink within the printer might not be, which can spoil the look. Therefore, we suggest you ensure that the ink is waterproof and UV resistant.

However, if you can’t get your hands on waterproof ink, consider the following steps to mitigate the problem.

  • Always go for the water-resistant or printable proof vinyl sticking sheet
  • Apply one or more coats of a Krylon Acrylic spray
  • Use a layer of packing tape on the printed stickers and trim the excess tape
  • Utilize a permanent transparent laminate sheet on top of the products

What Are The Typical Cuts For Effortless Peel-Off?

The way the product cuts make the peel-off easy or challenging. Hence, here are the two most typical types of cuts.

  • Die Cut

The process of cutting a sticker into a desired shape is called die-cutting. You can accomplish the die cuts with the help of a cutting machine that professionally cuts the sticker and waxy backing simultaneously. After learning and arranging all the tools and materials, you can start your business and offer same-day sticker printing service. When customers get their best products in less time, they’ll surely return to you again.

  • Kiss Cut

The kiss cut occurs when multiple stickers are on a single sheet opposite the above type—the trim is made on top of the product but not the waxy backing. So, one can peel the sticker from the waxy backing sheet at the time of use.

Here Is A Pro Tip

Be careful with the type of sheet you use; it must align with your printer. Suppose you use a laser jet printer; it will require a sheet that goes with it. If you use an inkjet sheet in the laser jet printer, it will melt down inside the machine.

The Printing Process

Once you get the desired paper and printer, it is time to start printing the designs. Choose the “highest quality” and “glossy photo paper” options in the settings to slow down the process and avoid ink smearing. Print one sheet at a time, and don’t print all the sheets in one go if you want the best results. Besides, you can offer custom patches no minimum to attract your customers and boost sales. You can create various designs of your and your client’s choices.

If you don’t have a printer, take your design file and decal to a nearby local print shop, UPS store, or Office Depot and get them printed.

The Cutting Procedure

If you have a steady hand, you only need scissors or a fingertip craft knife to cut the edges. However, if you don’t have a steady hand, go for a straight-line paper cutter, circle punch or the best option, Cricut cutting machine. All you have to do is give some necessary commands to the machine, insert the stickers, and the device will automatically crop all the edges.


And there you have it! We described the detailed procedure of how to make stickers at home. We started by explaining the four major types of printable papers and the types of cuts. After wading through this post, you know how to waterproof, print and cut the products. Now that you know the roadmap to start an online business, jump on it. So, arrange the tools and material, make beautiful products and sell it online to your potential clients.