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Meet 7-Figure Freelancer Adam Palmer



Adam Palmer

Can you imagine ending up in debt and having to sell your business? Most of us can believe this because a majority of us have had to shut down our startups. Restaurant owners have also been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A source reports that the year-over-year decline of seated diners reached 62.56% in late July 2020. 

Change is painful but inevitable. The social restrictions and risks of COVID have forced an increasing number of people to work online. If you want to survive, then remote working is the better option. We got a chance to talk to Adam Palmer. Adam is the Founder and Owner of the Automate Scale, a B2B enterprise that helps clients with marketing and sales funnels. At one point, Adam was a restaurant owner. But he had to close down two restaurants called the Pita Pit. He had opened the two restaurants with some college buddies. Several issues led to the restaurant’s demise, and the partners had to go their separate ways. 

Adam is a success today because he managed to adapt to the change. He transitioned from a restaurant owner to an online freelancer with a 7-figure income. 

Adam Palmer At A Glance 

A few minutes with Adam, and you’ll realize that he is a friendly and authentic person. He has a passion for helping people because he understands the struggle. Originally from New York, he moved to LA at age 30 after selling his two restaurants. Adam graduated with a degree in marketing and the ability to DJ. He has always been working on different ventures, and all these ventures had one thing in common, they were all a struggle. 

Adam had to sell the once successful Pita Pit because they lost a significant revenue source. He ended up in a lot of debt and the challenge of starting from scratch. Yet this versatile entrepreneur took up the challenge and immersed himself in online marketing. He spent a lot of time learning online marketing and how to leverage different platforms. He also started working with his buddy, who more or less introduced him to “funnels.”

Since then, Adam became an automation madman and started working with all sorts of businesses to build their funnels and ultimately build their online businesses.

How Upwork Saved Adam 

Adam owes a lot of his success to the Upwork platform. His personal profile on the platform shows that he has hit the seven-figure mark as a professional Digital Marketing and Online Automation Consultant. Adam started with rates that were way below his standard rate. Yet in his blog, he explains to his readers that the secret to success on Upwork is starting small. You have to put off your ego and work towards building your reputation as an expert. 

Adam uses his website Upworksavedmylife to offer valuable information that will help others make it big on Upwork. Today, Upwork is the #1 leading global freelancing platform where businesses and freelancers connect. Adam still uses the platform to hire talented experts who help him out with his projects. This versatile entrepreneur runs Automate Scale. Through his business, he has worked with top clients such as Niel Patel, Arman Assadi, and Beth Kirby. Adam has successfully built thousands of campaigns that have made millions for his clients and has helped hundreds of online businesses find success online. 

Adam found his calling in the marketing niche. He discovered that firms needed to automate their internal and external business processes if they wish to succeed in digital marketing. According to Adam, the biggest mistake that enterprises make is that they think that digital marketing is about selling products. Yet, there’s more to that. It’s about building a relationship with your visitors in a balanced way that’s unique to their perspective. 

Today’s customers want a business that seeks to establish a connection with them. Such a company communicates authenticity and leverages relevant, engaging content that helps their audience see how their products meet their needs. Whether your website is appealing or not, it most likely will not work because you don’t understand what level of the selling stage your customers are when they come to your platform. Understanding the buyer’s journey is what sales funnel marketing is all about, and its ROI is above and beyond.

Adam Palmer is proof that anyone can make the transition from one profession to another. Not only can you make the change, but you can also scale up the ranks to become a thought leader and industry expert. If you need someone to guide you on how to succeed in the digital space, then feel free to check out Adam’s website.

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