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Meet Trey Ketcham, founder of Peak Performance Development



Trey Ketcham is an American entrepreneur who founded Peak Performance Development which is a sales and marketing business. His company is a dedicated affiliate of CUTCO, the world’s finest cutlery. Trey was inspired to get into his niche in marketing because of its simplicity of the product, limitless income potential, and ability to work with budding entrepreneurs. When starting out as an entrepreneur, it is important to be proficient in multiple areas of your business instead of just 1 or 2 which led to Trey’s goal of becoming an expert in his industry in order to give his customers the best possible services and knowledge.

Growing up, Trey’s parents instilled in him the drive to be the best in every aspect of his life. Whether it was school, sports, clubs, or even family card games, he was driven to excel. In addition, Trey had the blessing of growing up with parents that both had extreme work ethic and compassion for all people. Trey went through a long journey of figuring out what his passion was, where to focus his drive and determination, and what he wanted his life’s work to be. 

Going into college, Trey thought that the best way he could focus his drive and impact people was to be a doctor. Trey tragically lost his father at 19, which made him realize a lot of things and re-evaluate. His father was only 48 which made him realize how precious time was and that he didn’t want to be in school until he was 32 in order to make an impact and build a legacy for himself and his family. 

Trey Ketcham ultimately made the decision to shift his drive to building a business and starting on the journey of entrepreneurship. His life work is now mentoring young professionals in business and helping them to become the best version of themselves. This is so important to Trey because he is helping young entrepreneurs separate themselves from the crowd in the industry of choice, while they are still excelling in other areas of their lives. 

Some of Trey’s biggest accomplishments to date are making over #53 million in career sales, growing the business by 50% and 70% during the last two economic recessions, and becoming a Hall of Fame achiever with the company only 7 years after opening his office. Many assume Trey Ketcham was an overnight success, however that is not the case. He faced many challenges and obstacles along the way, but his drive and goals kept him motivated throughout this. 

Trey explains one of the biggest challenges when starting a business as overcoming the people who doubt you and self-management while doing so. He goes on to explain “It is important to do the things that you don’t feel like doing so that it gives you the opportunity to do the things that you are excited about and that will further your career.” It is Trey’s passion for what he is doing, countless hours of work, and taking every opportunity to better himself that makes him successful. To continue along with Trey Ketcham’s journey, click here

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