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Moe Rock on Building a Principle-centered Media Empire



According to a October study published by Pew Research, Americans have long been much more likely to trust information from local and national news organizations than information on social media sites. This remains the case today, except among the youngest adults. Adults under 30 are now almost as likely to trust information from social media sites as they are to trust information from national news outlets.


As this trend continues to grow, much attention has been placed by advertisers and industry experts with regard to the future of traditional media brands. Most of the legacy brands in the United States have not taken serious measures to adapt and modify their business model to remain relevant in the modern era. With that being noted in the landscape of media, there has been a new style of leadership that is daring to change how people see companies in that world. The Los Angeles Tribune which was originally founded in 1886 and is currently considered a legacy news brand is today led by Moe Rock, a California Based Businessman with an eclectic past as an international music producer, angel investor and speaker. Today as the CEO of the L.A. Tribune, he has emphasized a new wave of developments that seem outside the box of traditional media despite the historical name.

Forbes called him the “Maverick of Media” for good reason, he has been leading the Tribune to a host of changes, including launching a Community Outreach Division dedicated to helping provide the world with Personal Development Programs completely free of charge. These programs have reached millions of people around the world and have helped make the Tribune a truly global platform. We had a chance to ask Moe a few questions about leadership to give our audience insights that they can use for their own personal or professional advancement and growth.



KIVO DAILY: What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business?


MOE ROCK: Ask yourself the very fundamental question “Is my business changing the status quo” if the answer is yes, proceed with every fiber of your being and be relentless in your pursuits. If the answer is No, go back to the drawing board.


KIVO DAILY: How do you deal with fear and doubt?


MOE ROCK: Susan Jefferes wrote a great book called “Feel the fear and do it anyway” the premise of it is to not allow any feelings that arise to create a paralysis in our action taking. I also notice many people have a fear of how they are perceived by others, I am blessed that this is not something I worry about.


KIVO DAILY: What qualities do you think every entrepreneur should possess?


MOE ROCK: Integrity. Period, hard stop.


KIVO DAILY: What will you never compromise on with your business?


MOE ROCK: We will never be a source for disempowerment. Many media outlets in the world today create a feeling of disempowerment after the public consumes the news. We will make sure that our constituents feel a sense of empowerment. We are here to redefine the media and make the world a better place, our goal is nothing less than that.