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Ravi Rajapaksha on How He Made Nextenco Grow Exponentially Despite the Pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the closure of thousands of small businesses. Businessman Ravi Rajapaksha likewise faced problems head-on and was worried he wouldn’t be able to survive when things deteriorated. As a direct response to the destruction, he established Nextenco and, as a result, has amassed an impressive number of clients, contributing to his company’s exponential growth.

Ravi Rajapaksha was keeping himself busy with his tour company, Sri Lanka Elephant Safari before the pandemic struck. Unfortunately, the tourism industry was hit hard by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. That was a major blow to his tourism business, and it quickly began to falter as a result. “All of the marketing activities, meetings, and conferences that I had scheduled were suddenly canceled,” Ravi said. “I realized I had to make a swift adjustment, or my business would fail.”

That’s when Ravi launched his own PR firm, Nextenco. And this firm now has a sizable clientele in the speaking, coaching, and e-commerce sectors. “I knew I had the power to establish businesses on social media, but my main goal during the pandemic was to keep myself and my target audience afloat.” Within a short period of time, he was able to get back on his feet financially and is now the successful founder of a profitable PR firm. The success of Nextenco can be attributed to Ravi’s ability to stay focused on one niche. “While the pandemic was in full swing, brands of all sizes, from multinational corporations to individuals, continued to seek media attention. Not only did we assist them to remain afloat with press attention, but we also used that exposure in targeted media placements to help them expand their brand tremendously despite the pandemic.”

Nextenco places a high priority on assisting businesses of all sizes and scopes to achieve success on social media and find their unique voice. Ravi staffed his team with top-tier digital advertising professionals, brand managers, and social media strategists. “Each member of our group contributes to the final product. The outcome of a project, regardless of whether it is given to a member of my team or to me, is a reflection of how well we worked together. If the customer isn’t pleased with the outcomes we provide, we won’t consider ourselves to have succeeded. Even so, I continually question myself and my team at Nextenco, how we can keep raising the bar for the next task.”

As long as the epidemic lasts, small businesses will be in a state of constant distress. But with the help of Ravi Rajapaksha and the rest of his team at Nextenco, any business can survive and even thrive among these challenges.

I am Dawn Wells, an online entrepreneur, coach, tech reviewer and author. I love to write about emerging entrepreneurs and their journey.