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Riley Hillin: Social Media Presents Us with Limitless Opportunities, Even in a Pandemic



Riley Hillin

Social Media platforms have become a vital way to connect with a worldwide audience and opened up a huge potential for marketing opportunities. You can build your brand and target a specific audience that will be especially interested in what you have to offer, greatly increasing sales. With an in-depth knowledge of the way Social Media works and strategies to target your optimal customers, you can be sure to get the best results from Social Media Marketing.

Riley Hillin has been working in the worlds of Social Media and Digital Marketing for nearly a decade. Developing from his early interest in the internet he has watched the world of digital marketing evolve and uses his wealth of experience to help others obtain success through targeted marketing on different media platforms.

Facebook has 2.70 billion active monthly users worldwide. It offers massive marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes but in order to see the results you need your ads must be targeted to reach optimal customers. Facebook Ads Manager is the starting point to help you create and manage your ads and it will also show you how your ads are performing.

Before you start you need to really think about your demographic. Who do you want to target? Can you use your knowledge of your existing customers to target potential new ones? Using Facebook Ad Manager will help you target people who buy products similar to yours through their Purchase Behaviour.

With Facebook, you can also engage proactively with your customers to build loyalty and a personal connection. This kind of connection is more important than ever, as this is a crucial time to build the number of superfans there are of your brand. The people who will champion your brand (whether personal or otherwise) until the end.

Riley Hillin has used other Social Media platforms to connect with potential customers through Sports Media. Sport offers a unique way to reach out to all kinds of people. More people are likely to use social media as a means to find out results and watch clips. It encourages people to engage with each other when supporting a team or discussing a game. It also reaches people of all ages who may remain loyal throughout their lives and because Sports fans are used to branding as part of the ethos they are uniquely open to seeing ads on Social Media.

Digital Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn have billions of active users spending an average of 2 hours 24 minutes a day across their favorite platforms. This is a great opportunity for reaching new customers. Instagram is one of the best marketing tools, it can improve your brand’s visibility and you can showcase products with visual content.

News and Blog posts on Twitter enable you to connect live with your customers and get more personal feedback and interaction. On TikTok, you can create a channel for your brand and upload videos about your business. You can use LinkedIn to create business leads and target customers. It is a great way to network and drive traffic to your website.

Keeping up a vibrant Social Media presence to develop your personal brand reputation and attract new customers needs a constant input of ideas and an in-depth knowledge of how to reach the most profitable audience. Social Media experts like Riley have years of experience in reaching a targeted audience through Digital Media. If you don’t feel you have the time or know-how to make the most of your Social Marketing opportunities he can help.

Young entrepreneurs like Riley Hillin have taken the skills they developed from an early age in the worlds of gaming and social media and made them into a lucrative full-time profession. Now they are helping others to navigate their away around this complex but exciting world with its limitless new opportunities.

Arash Derakhshan is a brand marketing and development leader with an exhibited record of working in the brand growth, public relations/communications and market research industry. Skilled in Marketing Development, Competitive Intelligence, and Communication.